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Your app cannot force a user to click an ad or submit personal information for advertising purposes before they can fully use an app. Interstitial ads may only be displayed inside of the app serving them. If your app displays interstitial ads or other ads that interfere with normal use, they must be easily dismissible without penalty.

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This policy does not apply to rewarded ads which are explicitly opted-in by users (for example, an ad that developers explicitly offer a user to watch in exchange for unlocking a specific game feature or a piece of content). This policy also does not apply to monetization and advertising that does not interfere with normal app use or game play (for example, video content with integrated ads, non-full screen banner ads).

You can also target individuals by keywords, topics, or placements where you would like your video ad to appear. Keyword targeting with in-display ads can be a powerful tool for finding individuals who are looking for a visual answer to a question. Be sure to do your research, and try testing out different groups of keywords to see which leads to more views, clicks, or conversions.

For in-display, you'll need to include a title and short description, which is entered on two separate lines. Note: Titles are limited to 25 characters, and the description lines are limited to 35 characters each.

In-stream ads provide you with the option to overlap a display URL on top of the video. You should use a vanity URL that directs to another final URL to make it more memorable. You can include advanced URL tracking options. In addition, a companion banner made from images from your video will appear on the right side of the video ad.

If you're running in-display ads that will appear across the Google Display Network, you can review where the ad has appeared in by navigating to Video Targeting > Placements > Where ads were shown > Display network from your Google Ads Campaigns dashboard. Review this list to see if any particular sites are contributing to poor performance for your desired metrics. Exclude these sites from your ad campaign moving forward to increase your average CPV.

"You can resolve this by linking to / copying our privacy policy in the Google Ads console, and stating to Google support that the Unity Ads interface presents the players with a privacy policy and a dialogue for opting out from personalised ad targeting."

To anyone else who might come across this question, I just noticed that in Unity Ads there is already a button to opt-out from personalised ad targeting (even in beta, right after the ad finishes playing there is a button to do that), so I believe that with Unity Ads and Unity Analytics we just have to add Unity's Privacy Policy URL into Google Play Console, since the ads already take care of the opting out requirement.

Great examples are more moves, restock troops, double earning for a limited time, and the ability to unlock new content early. Each of these things encourage and enable players to play and engage with your game more.

When designing a game to fully engage with video ad monetization you must be focussed on increasing the video views per DAU to at least three to five in order to really see an eCPM of $20 or more around the world. Often these types of games require very unique and clear graphics in order that players can pick up and play in an instant. 041b061a72


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