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[S4E7] The Prophecy

We return to Lucifer who stands up and paces, ranting that it is really bad and he does not understand why. Father Kinley tells Chloe the prophecy, that when the Devil walks the Earth and finds his first love, evil shall be released. As he says this, Lucifer reveals his wings to Linda. The wings are no longer white, feathery, and angelic. They are red, almost bat-like, adorned with horns and every bit as devilish as they can get.

[S4E7] The Prophecy

Ever since their encounter with Slade in "Birthmark", Beast Boy, Robin and Cyborg have been up day and night trying to figure out why he is after Raven and what does the symbol and his forehead mean. Raven still hasn't told her friends the truth and is trying to find a way to stop the prophecy on her own. When the team find Slade he leads them to an abandoned library, they finally discover the truth about the prophecy and Raven's destiny.

After their previous confrontation with Slade, the Titans begin to wonder why he has returned. Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg determine that the symbol on Slade's forehead is not from Earth. Robin vows to find out what the symbol means. Meanwhile, Raven is having a vision of the future, in which Slade taunts Raven by telling her time is running out. Raven states that she is not afraid, to which Slade replies he is not the one she should be afraid of. She denies the prophecy that she will destroy the world is true, and says she will not let it happen. Slade tells her that it is what she was born to do, and visions of a destroyed and ruined Titans Tower, as well as views of Cyborg, Robin, Starfire, and Beast Boy being held by little ghost type demons, turned completely to stone. She awakens from the trance just as Robin comes to talk to her. At this moment, an alarm sounds.

The Titans quickly rush to the scene (a section of the city scheduled for demolition) only to get easily beaten by Slade, who uses his demonic fire powers to his advantage. Slade has another message delivered; he explains: The "S" is the Mark of Skath and there is something at the library that provides even more information about Raven's destiny. The Titans travel to the abandoned city library, only to find another Mark of Skath, which reveals a secret underground path that leads to another chamber. In there, statues begin to speak of the prophecy and the "gem".

Meanwhile, Slade informs Trigon that the prophecy has revealed itself, which he then says that Slade may one day "reclaim what he had lost" if he continues to prove himself to the mighty interdimensional demon.

The idea that you could play off his insecurities was smart in theory, but that only works on someone who isn't stuck on a planet he hates and is willing to do whatever he has to do to fulfill a prophecy that means more to him than any one thing.

In the control room, Bernard leaves a cryptic message on a tablet before coming face-to-face with the Host in Black, who monologues before shooting Bernard in the chest. Man, if there's one thing HiB loves more than killing people, it's monologues. He sends out a signal through the tower to kick off one last game where everyone, host and human alike, will fight until no one remains "but the cockroaches." As Bernard lies dying, he replays what he said to Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon) in episode 3: that every scenario ends with his death. Then HiB delivers yet another fatal headshot and fulfills Bernard's prophecy.

Those six episodes saw the titular DC group of heroes once again confronted by the end of the world, and this time it all had to do with a cult devoted to one of their former enemies: Trigon. That cult was led by Mother Mayhem, who sought to reunite with her son Sebastian and have him live up to the prophecy that would see him become Brother Blood.

With House of the Dragon season 2 on the horizon, there's rightly been discussion about which GoT characters could make an appearance, and the powers bestowed by Melisandre's necklace mean that she could join the prequel cast soon. Indeed, the Red Woman's Game of Thrones age is estimated at hundreds of years old, which could explain why Melisandre and Aegon the Conqueror's prophecies are highly similar. In fact, the Prince Who Was Promised prophecy is starting to bear some importance in House of the Dragon, with Aegon's dream being passed down from Viserys to Rhaenyra. While the Prince Who Was Promised prophecy comes from unknown sources, it's likely that House of the Dragon connects to Game of Thrones through Aegon's dream, and Melisandre's presence could serve as another connection that isn't out of place for either show.

If House of the Dragon features Melisandre, or even just Melisandre's necklace, Game of Thrones questions that have haunted viewers for years could finally get resolved, as she is easily the most mysterious character in all of Westeros. Years after Game of Thrones was concluded, it's still unclear to many what Melisandre was really all about, even though she was the central focus of many iconic moments from the show. Like Aegon's dream and House Targaryen's heirloom dagger of prophecy, the Red Witch of Game of Thrones is a huge part of a puzzle that the Thrones universe has yet to solve for viewers.

Vannevar asks Nelli if all of this clear. Ib says the prophecy is bigger than their empires. Nelli asks what they are talking about when suddenly, the shadows in the room take form. Aurora (the Camarilla Scourge) enters the room and says she has found a nest of thin-bloods in Los Angeles under the protection of Baron Temple. Aurora explains that their numbers are growing and that some of them possess strange abilities, such as being able to walk under the sun, eat food, and make love. They can also brew potions from their blood. Aurora believes they should be hired and used as a weapon against the Anarchs before the Anarchs do the same. Suzanne asks if they have a leader and Aurora says the follow a woman named Delilah. Suzanne asks Nelli if she is aware that Baron Temple is harboring the thin-bloods. Nelli says she is and Suzanne reads her mind to confirm she is telling the truth.

Katya wants to get her hands on some thin-blood vitae to determine its power and Ib agrees, saying they should invite Delilah to see them. Vannevar thinks they should just capture Delilah. Ib wants to use them before they are disposed of, but Vannevar thinks they could infiltrate the tower and bring about the prophecy. Katya asks for a private word with Suzanne, Ib wants a private word with Nelli, and the Prince stays with Aurora and his book.

Chloe had been ignoring calls from the former priest Kinley for weeks, but her concern for Lucifer finally has her go to see him. He says he needs to tell her something. Kinley wants her to hear the prophecy; he thought it was about Chloe, but he was wrong, and he recites the prophecy: When the Devil walks the Earth and finds his first love, evil shall be released. By her reaction, Kinley knows she knows who the first love might be.

Little is known about Kinley's life before he became a priest in Rome. However, once he did and then became a member of the International Association of Exorcists, he came across a prophecy which foretold that once the devil walked the Earth and found his "first love", some form of evil will then be released. Since then, he has become dangerously obsessed with preventing it from happening, believing he can save the world. At some point, he found out that the Lux nightclub owner Lucifer Morningstar was the actual devil and started to plot his return to Hell.

Later, he gives her a vial that would sedate Lucifer so they can perform a ritual that would successfully return him to the underworld. Eventually, he learns that she changed her mind and was unwilling to accept her words that he is not the evil monster that history says he is. Realizing that she may be the true love that the prophecy spoke of, Kinley arrived at Lux to tell Lucifer that she came to Rome to send him back to Hell, slowly rippling his trust in her. Kinley then started manipulating three murders to draw the Lucifer into revealing his devil-face.

Later, Lucifer visits him in a church to tell him that he's wrong. Kinley then lied to Lucifer and told him that a different priest explained a ritual to Chloe that would imprison the devil within Hell for all eternity. He then explains to him that the vial would sedate the devil and kill any normal man. As Lucifer left slightly distrusted, Kinley then told an vicar that he was devil and that the prophecy was real.

Whilst in a holding cell, Kinley was visited by the vicar and asked him if he had changed his mind, only for him to learn that the church has excommunicated him. He, however, feels confident that since he pushed Chloe and Lucifer apart, it would stop the prophecy from happening. The vicar then voices his doubt about whether or not Chloe really was Lucifer's true love, and just as he left, Kinley stuck with his suspicion that she was since there's no one else.

Within the next few months, he repeatedly contacts Chloe to get her to visit him, only for her to rightfully refuse. Eventually, as Kinley was nearing his return to Rome to face trial, he was finally able to successfully convince her to visit him. As she does, she tells him that he is wrong about Lucifer being evil and that he is a good man, even maybe an angel. However, Kinley blatantly tells her about the prophecy he is secretly obsessed with, and how it may refer to the original sinner Eve, not her.

As Lucifer's devil form was taking over him due to self-hating, Chloe has Kinley transferred to the holding cell just in case. However, during the transfer, he was broken out by Eve and Mazikeen and brought to the latter's home. He realizes who Eve was and that the prophecy was in fact real. He then overhears Eve trying to figure out how to retake Lucifer's love, and Mazikeen trying to convince her to accept that he doesn't love her.

Using Eve's obsessive love as an opportunity to fulfil his self-proclaimed purpose, Kinley suggests to Eve that she should take Lucifer back to Hell so they can rule as king and queen. He then convinces her that he needs a reason to go back, and suggested bringing the demons to Earth to do so. She agreed, but just as she untied him, Kinley ambushed her and attempted to kill her in order to prevent the prophecy from happening. However, Eve was able to use one of Mazikeen's hidden knives to stab him in the neck. 041b061a72


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