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Where To Buy Scojo Reading Glasses __HOT__

Our collection of Scojo New York reading glasses are made from the finest materials and combine the best elements of quality, fashion and fun. Scojo New York is revered for its chic line of upscale optical quality reading eyewear. The original Gels and Sun Readers in the Tribeca collection by Scojo are handcrafted from durable TR-90 surgical plastic for better comfort and a flexible, lightweight feel. From season to season, look to the fashion mavens at Scojo New York for the ultimate in luxury eyewear.

where to buy scojo reading glasses


Upgrade your readers without the designer price tag at Reading Glass World, where stylish eyewear by Scojo New York is surprisingly affordable. This brilliant line of quality eyewear is inspired by the street styles of downtown Manhattan. Add a dash of glamour to your reading attire and pick up a pair of these coveted glasses, available in unisex designs and a wide range of on-trend color palettes.

Choose from limited edition color options and frame styles that flaunt your personality. Highbrow bookworms will appreciate the feline flair of Jane Street reading glasses. The iconic cat eye frames come in two uber-hip colors, Primrose Pearl or Blue Coral. For a handsome pair of readers with a classic rectangular silhouette, Benson Street will smarten up your look. One of our bestselling Scojo reading glasses, Benson is available in two fantastic hues: Black Tokyo Silver or the new Bourbon Turquoise.

Scojo Gel reading glasses are proof that comfort and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive. Lightweight, durable and incredibly stylish, Gels will quickly become your go-to readers. Browse our inventory of Scojo rimless eyewear, available in 16 contemporary colors including metallic teal, sapphire and bronze! Each pair of Gels has an optical-quality frame constructed of premium memory plastic. Choose from soft matte textures, full-rimmed or rimless frames and wearable shapes that are as flattering as they are functional.

Protect your eyes from computer glare with Scojo Gels Blulite glasses. These premium readers filter out harmful rays emitted by computers, TVs and digital devices. Enjoy the best in blue light protective reading glasses without breaking the bank. Choose from two classic styles!

I have owned many pairs of Scojo Gels; I use different strengths for different activities. They are very light and the optics are excellent. The same strength glasses can be bought in different colours if you like to match your reading glasses with your outfit. 041b061a72


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