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Tom Odell Another Love EXCLUSIVE

The song about frustration and love first began trending after a section of the track was repeatedly used to accompany a range of protest videos. First, in Ukraine it became a symbol of the country's resilience against the 2022 Russian invasion earlier this year. More recently, women who recorded themselves cutting their hair on social media in support of the women-led protests in Iran, often used the song as a backing track.

Tom Odell Another Love

No one can work a piano like Tom Odell. It didn't matter that it wasn't the most convenient instrument to move around with, Tom played with so much energy that made the crowd ecstatic. One could visibly see how passionate he is about music by the way he pounded on those keys and captivated the audience with his voice. I became an avid fan of Tom Odell after the release of his short film for his single "Another Love." I began listening to all the songs I could get access to on YouTube, and I couldn't get enough. My respect for him grew even more when I learned that he is only in his early twenties. Plus, the fact that he's British makes me love him even more. I was determined to see Tom when he made his way over to the States. I got to see Tom Odell in the fall of last year at The Subterranean, which is a very cool venue that has multiple levels. It was really intimate, and the audience could get really close to the stage. The room had low lighting, and there was a staircase on the stage that lead up to second floor. For the opening act, the band came down the stairs onto the stage, so the audience assumed that Tom Odell would do the same thing before he came on. Instead, to our surprise, he and his band walked through the crowd from the back towards the stage. As Tom worked his way towards the stage, everyone was clamoring to be near him, and I was close enough to reach out and touch his back! Once everyone realized what was going on, there was a lot of cheering and excitement that filled the air. Tom started out with "Grow Old With Me," filling the whole building with his hauntingly beautiful voice, and of course, the lovely chords that he was playing on the piano. His band mates sang backup, and one of them played the upright bass for some of the songs. Tom can perform like no other. He was full of passion and was not afraid to play his heart out on those keys. Long before he performed "Another Love," his hair and shirt were drenched in sweat. I could tell that he was so surprised about the turnout of the crowd and how enthusiastic we were throughout the whole concert. I was immensely impressed with how good everything sounded live. He and the band even did this cool freestyle thing, just playing music before starting a new song. Afterwards, Tom said something like "we didn't plan that," with a sheepish grin on his face. Tom even looks younger in person, but he played like he had been doing this for decades.

After the warm-up came Tom with his band and from the first chords I realized that it will be great. And really, I liked the sound, improvisations and I was charmed by singer's charisma and voice. Odell really knows how to work with the crowd and he genuinely loves what he does. So, overall I'd give 8/10 for the concert due to warm-up and that I had to wait about an hour for artists to come. All the rest was actually remarkably.

Seeing Tom Odell live is such a happening. I really really enjoyed it and would definitely go to another concert when he is back in town. The best about yesterday was that Tom didn't just sit at the piano all the time but jumped on it and walked around and you definitely saw that he had fun. And the location was fine too. Enough toilets for both sexes and spacious too so that you could even dance a while without pushing others.

The remix was created with a lovely incentive of the Dutch DJ wanting to help the cause, so he teamed up with Tom to donate all the royalties to a charity called Choose Love. As he wrote on Instagram: 041b061a72


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