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Strange Brew

Parents need to know that Strange Brew is a classic 1983 comedy in which Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas from SCTV bring their beloved Canadian "hosers," the McKenzie Brothers, to the silver screen. As the title implies, beer plays a big part in this movie. The brothers' lives seem to be centered around beer, and much of the movie takes place inside a brewery. In one scene, they even fill their dog's water dish with beer. Occasional profanity includes "s--t," "damn," "hell," "sucks," and "balls." Lots of humor is centered on flatulence and urination. The brothers call each other names like "hoser," "hosehead," and "knob"-- these and catchphrases such as "Take off, eh!" and "How's it goin', eh?" are memorable and easily appropriated by impressionable younger viewers looking for new/old insults and phrases. It might be worthwhile to talk about stereotyping; these toque-wearing, back-bacon eating, beer-swilling characters were created by Moranis and Thomas in response to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's demand that the SCTV television program devote a portion of each show to "Canadian content."

Strange Brew

In STRANGE BREW, Bob and Doug McKenzie (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas) have just given away the money their father (voiced by Mel Blanc) gave them to buy beer to refund one of the tickets purchased by an irate attendee of their dystopian science fiction no-budget B movie Mutants of 2051 A.D. With no job and no money, they decide to scam a local brewery by sticking a mouse inside an empty beer bottle and claiming that they found the mouse inside the bottle after purchasing the beer and are therefore entitled to a replacement case of beer. This leads Bob and Doug to Elsinore Brewery, where the owner of the brewery has recently died under mysterious circumstances, and the late brewer's wife married the brewer's brother immediately after the funeral. While the brewer's daughter, Pam, still retains 51% ownership of the brewery, the wicked brewmaster (Max von Sydow) has come up with a plan to not only take control of the brewery, but also conquer the world. He attempts to frame the bumbling McKenzie Brothers for murder, and they must find a way to prove their innocence, save Pam from getting a lobotomy, and foil the brewmaster's scheme.

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SCTV alum Rick Moranis (\\\"The Little Shop of Horrors,\\\" \\\"Honey, I Shrunk the Kids\\\") and Dave Thomas portray the classic Canadian beer-guzzling duo, the MacKenzie Brothers, as they try to stop a mad beer brewer from gaining control of the world. Co-starring Oscar and Golden Globe-nominee Max von Sydow (\\\"The Exorcist\\\") and Paul Dooley (\\\"Breaking Away,\\\" \\\"Runaway Bride\\\"). Outrageous fun loosely based on Shakespeare's \\\"Hamlet.\\\"

A legendary fruit from the breadbasket of civilization, the cherry has long been a companion of brewers. Kriek Mythology honors the sour cherry beers of the Flanders region of Belgium. We use whole cherries and puree, and age in barrels for up to a year.

What a nightmare it must have been to come to these realizations while being documented by cameramen, like some strange species. Though the concept was every man for himself, nobody knew exactly where the sidewalk would end. Cliques were made. Teams were formed. The alphas were picked one-by-one by the coaches. Thacker was, naturally, selected dead last. The cameras lingered on him as he stood shifting uneasily, waiting for Couture to end the humiliation by calling his name. The spotlight he received became just another predator.

Powers opened Strange Brew in downtown Marlboro 22 years ago and moved the business several times. Originally, it was just a homebrew shop. Three years ago he moved to his current location with one goal in mind.

The homebrew portion of the business still dominated the large space. The homebrew shop was in the middle while Tackle Box Brewing was on one side and Strange Brewing was on the other side. Patrons could go between the two breweries, sampling beers from both spots.

He chose to brew beer in the mountains of Colorado because of its access to the pure water of Clear Creek. Seventeen years later, the same river nearly swallowed his brewery operation whole, stopping only after Coors bent it to his will.

Born in the Kingdom of Prussia, Coors received his first job at the age of 14, working at the brewery across the street from his home. Within a year, both of his parents would be dead from tuberculosis.

The Coors children were placed in the care of a Catholic orphanage, and young Adolph continued to toil away in the brewery, learning the beer trade. With the ongoing unification wars in Germany, Coors decided to flee, stowing away on a ship headed for America. After stints in Baltimore and the suburbs of Chicago, he sought his fortune in the Wild West.

He began scouting for possible brewing locations and found what he considered the most important beer ingredient in the mountains just west of Denver: pure, delicious water. Coors convinced a local candy store owner to purchase an abandoned tannery on the banks of Clear Creek with him, and by the next year the brewery was in business. 041b061a72


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