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Where To Buy Fixer Upper Decor 'LINK'

The series follows Chip and Joanna Gaines, a husband and wife duo who have mastered the art of flipping houses. Each episode features the duo teaming up with a new set of homeowners to turn their fixer upper into a worthy investment.

where to buy fixer upper decor

My husband Chris and I are 1 1/2 years into our first fixer upper and we've learned a lot of lessons along the way. Some lessons I wish I would've known beforehand though. Here are 4 things I wish I would've known before buying our first fixer upper...

We are no strangers to fixer uppers. Our first house that we purchased in 2009 was a fixer upper that needed some updating. We made some cosmetic changes like wallpaper removal (oh so much wallpaper!), painting, updating light fixtures, adding a bathroom vanity, and yard work. That was our first taste of DIY and while it was a lot of work, it was very rewarding.

The second house that we purchased was also a fixer upper, and was a short sale. There were things missing/broken in the house and some very bright paint colors to cover up, but we tackled all the projects ourselves (with the help of family!). We painted every single room, removed some heavy concrete faux pillars in the Dining room, added a bathroom vanity, added new flooring, and installed lights and curtain rods and towel bars. The changes were mostly cosmetic but they made a huge difference.

So how will you live comfortably and peacefully in your new fixer-upper while it undergoes this transformation? It may not be easy, but it can definitely be done! Here are some tips to help make it possible:

A fixer-upper loan may be a good option to buy a house that needs some TLC and pay for the repairs needed to turn it into your dream home. These loans are designed to give you the money you need to buy and renovate the home at the same time. Understanding how the different fixer-upper loans work will help you decide the best way to finance your fixer-upper.

My husband and I are finally contemplating on buying a lot and building our own dream home from scratch. We have been searching for fixer uppers in the community where we want to live and realized that it was way too expensive to buy a house (even with a total tear down!) and then to renovate it the way we want it. My first question. How long does it take to build a home from ground up? We only want 2000 sq ft of house, and have a time line of 12 -18 months to finish because our kids need to get in the school district in the new house. we estimated that we will save 600K by buying a lot vs buying a fixer upper, but don't know whether we will save money by building it ourselves? Anybody who has experience building their own homes, what were the biggest obstacles and did u feel it was the right decision for you. Please help! We are in the process of looking in lots now vs house for sale. TIA

If building, rent a home in the school district you want so you don't have to worry about living there when needed. When building a home, always factor in a percentage for overruns and problems. If you find a fixer upper you love, get it and do it over.

Thank you for the comments. jfyi the houses in the neighborhood are over 2 million dollars and the lots go from 400-600K so even if we spend $600-800K which is what we have on our budget, we would still save roughly 600K so yes we have thought of building vs saving up to buy someone else's house. My husband and I both work but we figured we can hire someone to build it for us and not have to live in the house because we do have another house nobody is running us out of. We just thought it would be a better investment for our money to get exactly what we want and not to deal with the tear down. We still are looking for fixer uppers but none of them seem to have the size of lot that we want or something is wrong with the foundation of the house itself that also would require a lot of work. Of course there is that option of just staying in our home because we do live in a good school district but we also look at this as another investment property that we can enjoy for ourselves until we see need to get rid of it. This will be our third home to own, first one we are currently renting it out - we bought it brand new from a builder, the second one we live on - a fixer upper we had fully renovated and is ready to sell anytime. We are hoping we to build the house of our dreams and we can retire on! (that's a long time coming...) Anyhow, who among you has built a home and regretted it? Or who among you can tell me it's worth every agonizing minute? TIA

Thank you everybody! there are already plans and permits on the lot that we are looking into, that is why I didn't bother with worrying about it, time and stress was more of our concern than money which I shouldn't have bothered mentioning because either way we will spend our money on a house we want and we wouldn't be looking into it if we knew it would bankrupt us. Obviously my estimation was unrealistic so ok we will spend more if we have to. Also, we are not looking into getting a loan, my family happened to gift us with money before from an estate sale that we felt should go to another investment that we can actually enjoy for ourselves. we have family who can help with the building process as that is what they have done for three generations but I guess I failed to mention all that and really just wanted a general concencus on what better way to go and the best use of our money. I've always been told never tell people you have money unless you plan on giving it away. So anyhow. I will post pics if we ever end up getting a fixer upper vs building our own.. I have nothing against old houses, but to me it just feels like I constantly have to update it and I'm over doing that with my 60 yr old house that we just renovated and still i don't feel like it belongs to us, this the reason why I thought building our own will somehow give us that experience. Also we are not just moving into this neighborhood just because it is upscale, this is the only area that has more land than house in comparison to other areas, we live by the beach and houses come small with no yards for our kids. I happen to have a 3000sft home now and feel I can use less to clean and wish I have yard space for my children to run around. So we thought 2000 sft is substantial, the houses in the hills have less than that and nobody told them not to build there! So of course it was a little offensive to tell us living in a box is not going to work. In comparison to other states, there is a big difference in housing size, your mansions will ever be the same as ours. Wish I could live in a acres of house somewhere else but we happen to have our careers here and can't find that anywhere else. With that said, I'm going to start working on this project, our agent is coming to meet with us tomorrow and will try to update every with our shoe box of a future house!lol

Aha, I need to start another discussion thread soon. Just bought a fixer upper in the Peninsula center of Rancho Palos Verdes. 2500 sq ft. We are keeping the exterior and redoing everything inside, possibly adding another 300 sq ft. Will update soon! So excited. My contractor is itching to get his hands on it. He said the project I have in mind is 6 months to a year. So much for building ground up. Thank you for all those who gave their advice.

The Pandemic taught us many things: How to cut our hair by watching YouTube videos, how to conserve toilet paper, contactless grocery shopping, the joy of baking, and how to be more neighborly. One lesson my partner and I learned was how to successfully purchase and renovate a fixer-upper house from 3,000 miles away.

Having our own interior design firm, we shifted our business model during the uncertainty of the pandemic. While adhering to the current CDC guidelines and protocols, we limited physical interaction with clients by incorporating virtual design presentations, tele-conferencing, contactless sample drop-offs, and scheduling personal masked appointments to visit local showrooms. These newly applied tools and learned skills were valuable in undertaking this challenging remote fixer-upper renovation. However, as with anything new, there was a learning curve. We are sharing our experiences and the lessons learned with you, dear reader, because you can do it too!

The pandemic has shown us many new ways to live. Some are better than others. Perhaps giving yourself a haircut is something you might want to leave behind. However, the pandemic did show us that we can virtually and successfully purchase a fixer-upper and beautifully complete its renovation. If we could accomplish this in the most challenging of circumstances from 3,000 miles away, then you too, can achieve such a feat. And that is a feather you can place in your cap and wear proudly! (And it will also cover that self-taught haircut- win-win!)

There are so many opportunities out there where people were looking for a replacement for the fixer upper void that was made in the year of 2018. A company already existed that was marketing savvy and more interested in having a scalable and product based design business. Once the Void happened there were multiple influencers that were being scouted for the spot on HGTV that was left open.

OK, so it's not an entirely new project that will fill the Chip and Jo-sized hole in your heart after Fixer Upper ends its HGTV run, but the new series, Fixer Upper: Behind the Design, will give you 30 more minutes of the Gaineses after every episode of Fixer Upper's fifth and final season. According to HGTV, each installment will air immediately following the 15 normal episodes, focusing on Joanna's special design secrets and showcasing rooms in each fixer-upper home that aren't shown on screen during the big reveal.

I liked it because of the depth of the panels and, believe it or not, the color. At first I left it mostly as is and hung it in my family room to go with the coffee table. Then it got replaced with seasonal decor and tucked away in a closet where I happened to find it recently while looking for something else. SCORE! I pulled it out and decided to give it some new life. 041b061a72


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