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Work from home vs Working in Office

Now in this particular blog, I want to talk about working in an office vs working from home. As you can imagine with what's happened this year in the 2020 year of a pandemic due to COVID and we have to make ourselves quarantine. But company's or offices can't be closed and they have to run their work online and new terminology arrives which called work from home.

So there are pros and cons of the work from home so we categorize them according to our daily routine. So let's get started

1] Waking up:

So before COVID there are early morning activities like Gymming or running are preferred by people to make them self-healthy and active, but due to lockdown all public places get closed and some people start waking up late. Another reason to start waking up late is people don’t have to worry about being ready for the office, dressing well, grooming well and travelling to the office. Due to this people start being lazy and careless about their personality and that directly hits the work from home job performance.

2] Getting dressed:

One of the major factors to boost our mood, our confidence is getting dressed well. But due to work from home people don’t prefer to dress well because obviously why should they dress well and sit at home so they just wear daily clothes which they wear at home.

But on the other side, some people feel light and comfortable in clothes which they wear at home so we can say they depend on person to person.

3] Breakfast:

If you don’t know, a healthy breakfast leads to a Better mood, improved memory, Weight loss, getting a good night’s sleep. But COVID-19 has forced people to stay at home and save themselves from contracting the novel coronavirus. People are working from home, kids are studying from home and life seems halted. And now a study has revealed that people who are forced to work from home during the crisis are drinking more alcohol, eating less healthy food and are experiencing problems sleeping. So that will definitely affect work.

4] Commute:

So before COVID, while commuting to home people used to walk, climb stairs indirectly they kept themselves active. But in the scenario of this work from home people just take their laptop and sit on their sofa or bed or desk and start working. So, there is no anything to keep them active. That also leads to the bad health, and gain bad health of employees effect on company’s growth

But if we see this from another side we say people who travel 1-2hrs of the journey to come office and after doing 7-8hrs work again they have to travel back to home which again takes 1-2hrs. So, yes it's definitely hectic for them. In such casework from home is the better option.

5] Work quality:

Guy’s if you don’t know then let me tell you a good ergonomic office chair reduces chronic back, hip and leg strain associated with being seated for long periods of time. This naturally helps employees work more efficiently and productively. Another benefit is a reduction in healthcare expenses related to poor posture from unsuitable office chairs. Soon you'll stop thinking about your chair and start focusing on the important stuff. Plus, the fact that you don't experience any back pain also allows you to remain concentrated.

But at home people don’t have these chairs, people use bed and sofa to sit and work but that affects the concentration and that affects on the quality of work that they are doing.

6] Meetings:

So, in work in the office, we have face to face meetings or communication but at work, from home, we have to communicate online. In face to face communication, you can showcase your personality, you can read body language, you can avoid misunderstandings, and you get honest feedback. But in online communication, you can’t get these things and that affects relations, trust and companies reputation.

7] Environment:

In-office while working you just have your desk / your cabin and your work which you have to do in time. In-office premises the people of the corporate field who mostly have conversations about growth, market, career or productive talk

But at home you have all your stuff, your all family members, and when you can’t stop them like don’t talk with me for 7-8 hrs. They obviously come and talk because you are in a home environment. In-home mostly you didn't have someone to have productive talks so that affected your personal health.

So here are we in the conclusion part, practically there will always be differences in working from home and Working at The Office. The advantage and disadvantage of these are totally based on the person to person. A person who deeply want to grow himself then he or she obviously convert this pandemic into opportunities.

And remember “Most people miss Opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work, don’t wait for the right opportunity: create it.”

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