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With Russia and Ukraine war is history repeating itself?

Russia intends to split Ukraine in two, according to Ukraine's Military Intelligence Chief, Kirillo Budanov. Russia is preparing to divide Ukraine into two halves, as Korea did. Meanwhile, the debate over whether history will repeat itself due to Russia and America has heated up.

What occurred 69 years ago in Korea? What was the process of dividing Korea into two parts? In the case of Ukraine, the western countries are constantly pressuring India to join them; how did they become enraged when India was assigned responsibility during the Korean War? Why is it possible for India to serve as peace envoys in the Russia-Ukraine conflict?

"The first phase of the military campaign in Ukraine is over," Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu declared. Their current focus will be on liberating eastern Ukraine. Furthermore, Russia's main negotiator, Sergei Mendisky, has stated that the negotiations are progressing in the correct manner. Putin and Zelensky may meet in the near future. Both countries can plan for a truce during this conference. With this, the two countries may be able to achieve an agreement on these issues.

• Ukraine may be willing to accept Crimea as a Russian territory. Ukraine may provide special status to cities in the country with considerable Russian-speaking populations, such as Donetsk and Luhansk.

• Ukraine can use this to make a written guarantee to Russia that it will not join NATO.

The Russian army may not have stormed Kyiv on February 24, 2022, 33 days after invading Ukraine, but on March 25, Russia abruptly turned its focus from Kyiv to the cities along the Dniper River in eastern Ukraine. It is evident that Russia wishes to divide Ukraine into two half as a result of this. Russia is interested in doing so for three reasons.

1. The region is home to a large Russian-speaking population.

2. This security zone is close to the Russian border and is considered vital to Russia.

3. Because this region contains major commercial centres, including the Black Sea, Russia wishes to dominate it. This is why the debate has heated up: just as Korea was separated into two parts after being entangled in the political machinations of the world's most powerful countries, Russia may now break Ukraine into two parts using military force.

That period was different, and this period is different, but the conditions indicate that Russia's and America's stubbornness will pit individuals from other countries against each other. Despite the fact that Ukraine and Korea are separated by 7420 kilometres, there is concern that their situations would be comparable. In the war for ideology, Korea was split in two in 1950. The United States dominated one, while Soviet Russia dominated the other. One group was communist-leaning, while the other was pro-capitalist. As a result, a battle arose in Korea between two opposing political ideologies, each of which drew support from the world's most powerful countries. As a result, the country was split into two distinct halves. This battle claimed the lives of over 50 lakh individuals on both sides.

People are discussing Korea throughout this conflict because, even before the fighting began inside Korea, North Korea was supported by the Communist Soviet Union and Communist China, while South Korea was protected by America. Even now, the scenario is nearly identical. What caused the Korean War? People called the island Korea before 1904 since it was governed by the Korean Empire. In 1894-95 and 1904-05, terrible battles were waged between Japan and China over the possession of the Korean Peninsula. Korea became a monopoly of Japan after the war. Korea became a monopoly of Japan after the war. After the Second World War ended in 1945, Korea was split between two powerful countries without consulting the Korean people. One portion was sent to the Soviet Union, while the other was sent to the United States. North Korea refused to vote in the South's 1948 elections, which were overseen by the United Nations. As a result, separate Korean governments were formed in the two occupied territories.

After the Japanese surrendered in the final days of WWII, the Allies determined that the Soviet Army would stay up to the 38th latitude of North Korea, i.e. the 38 Parallel North, while the United Nations Army would monitor the southern half of this line. Following this, the Korean Communists led the formation of the People's Republic of Korea government in North Korea. Under the leadership of leader Singman Ri, a democratic government was founded in the southern portion of the country. Singman Ri was an outspoken opponent of communist ideology, and he sought to prevent it from spreading in his country. As a result, North Korea attacked South Korea on June 25, 1950.

As soon as the Korean War began, the world's attention was drawn to the United Nations Organization (UN). The task of ending the war fell to this organisation, the United Nations, which was founded in 1945 with the goal of bringing peace to the world. By voting at the United Nations, America put pressure on South Korea's security. Then, under the banner of the United Nations, a detachment of troops led by General Douglas MacArthur arrived in Korea to establish peace. Soon after, American fighter jets began soaring over the sky, dropping hazardous napalm bombs. China was intimidated by the violent appearance of US Army officer MacArthur. Following this, China began publicly backing North Korea. China and North Korea were also allies of Soviet Russia. North Korean villages were devastated by US Army B-29 and B-51 bombers.

Most of the countries were separated into two halves during the battles between North and South Korea. India was the only large country at the time that had no affinity toward anything. As a result, India played a significant role both during the war and in its conclusion. In the United Nations, KPS Under Menon's supervision, a team of nine people was formed to work on the Korea issue. This group took on the burden of bringing the battle to a close.

On July 27, 1953, North and South Korea announced the end of the conflict, expressing confidence in Menon's team. Additionally, both sides pledged in front of this UN mission to release all prisoners of war captured during the war. The care of the team organised to liberate the prisoners of war was assigned to General Thimayya, an Indian Army official. However, the United States, upset by the conflict, accused India of failing to properly release the prisoners of war. India then turned this obligation over to the United Nations. Not only that, but America began to back Pakistan as a result of this.

India and Russia have close connections. Similarly, India is connected to America, which is supporting Ukraine. Because both Russia and America require India in the current global environment, India's involvement in resolving the disagreement becomes critical. The United States is interested in India's participation in the Quad. At the same time, Putin wants to stand with Modi and Xi Jinping in BRICS, demonstrating Russia, China, and India's solidarity to the rest of the globe. The United States of America is Israel's closest ally. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, on the other hand, is Jewish, which is crucial to Israel. As a result, Naftali Bennett has already begun the mediation process. India is already working to put an end to the conflict in Ukraine.

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