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Why people are scared to pursue their passion

People have many reasons for not pursuing their passion. It could be personal or professional. The biggest fact is that the human mind is reluctant to change routine in our life. People avoid change from their current state to another whether in job or in life. For instance, if a person is in a comfortable position, he will not be ready to put his life under risk for achieving his passion because of internal factors and external factors. A few are stated below:

Internal factors:

If he is trying to pursue his dreams, family members will stop because of their experiences in life and try to explain the situation they are facing both financially and society wise. They forecast the future phenomena if not achieved in a span of time.

External factors:

Pressure from society is the biggest setback for the people who dream big and try to achieve. Obviously, relatives and a few people close to family will try to inject negative energy.

Financial factors:

Financial factors are a nightmare to every dreamer. The person should look after the financial status of the family, consequences the person is going to face in the coming years. Even though people dream big, financial stress pulls back in the way that the person is trying to move forward. Most of the people leave their passion because of family situations and due to external factors as well.

No proper planning and vision:

For pursuing passion, the first step of success is planning. Without proper planning it is likely to end up with negative results and ultimate failure. Preplanning reduces 50% of work, relieves stress and shows a path to achieve it.

No proper guidance:

Exploring everything takes a lot of time to achieve a goal, proper guidance reduces time and effort, current trends and latest updates will be known to the person who is in the field. Collecting and integrating information is required to get success.

without proper guidance more time and effort will be wasted for unnecessary things.

Fear of failure:

Fear of failure is a biggest disadvantage for every pursuer. If anyone would like to achieve the goal, the first thing that might come to mind is “if I fail, what will I do? ”. Positivity gives hope and negativity kills the person.

Looking for alternatives:

Generally, people think of alternatives if they do not succeed in life. Looking for alternatives is a half failure. Let's look at a small example that was quoted by a famous director.

“He was a degree holder and he entered into movies to pursue his passions. One day he tore all his certificates 10th to degree. It might seem like madness but he doesn’t want an alternative career except movies. We can call it a madness towards his pursuing his passion.”

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Jul 17, 2021

We often listen to people saying that I am not enjoying this job, or I want to switch my profession but there are very few of them who really work towards making a change. As mentioned in the blog, there are many reasons that may stop an individual from pursuing their dreams. If anyone really wants to follow his/her passion then they need to realise that the path is not going to be so easy. They should have a proper plan and should work constantly to achieve their dreams. Sometimes you may feel that you are alone and have no one by your side, even your family members or your closest friends may not support your idea of leaving a…

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