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One’s beliefs, as it is said, are one’s own. Nobody can impose one persons’ belief on another being. Belief in God, belief in a certain religion is completely personal and can vary from person to person. Similarly, Destiny is a delicate subject as well. Every person born on this planet has a specific purpose and specific goal to fulfil. He comes, serves, and departs. Life is a roller-coaster ride wherein one is dealing with challenges every now and then. A man should believe, therefore, that he has only one life to live and should fulfil what he came for. He should work towards attaining the purpose he has been assigned by the Supreme Authority (here, God) and depart once finished. According to a common saying Birth, Death and, Marriage are pre-destined, it is decided beforehand the birth of the man.

Even the life span is decided in advance even before the soul is born and come into life. The concept of Pre-destination can be traced back to the ancient times when there were no caste differentiation and people were not at all judged irrespective of their sex, caste, creed or religion. During that period, people highly believed in one single entity and God was not divided like now when everyone believes in one Deity or the other. There was not any confusion and people relied greatly on Destiny while believing in a single entity.

According to me, one should definitely believe and have faith in the concept of Destiny. Only then they could be at peace with themselves and able to attain their dreams and achieve their goals in life. If somebody is struggling hard and preparing for an exam really well and cannot pass while on the other hand yet another person who does not study that much and clears the exam, then it is the foul-play of Destiny or luck. Luck and destiny are related to one another and are complementary to each other. They go hand in hand. If you are destined to be a pilot, no matter how matter you try, you will become a pilot.

If you believe in Destiny and work hard toward achieving your goal then nobody can stop you from winning over it. I see many students who are confused as to what subject they should choose after the 10th. It is not confusing if at an early stage you recognize your purpose in life and start working toward it. They choose commerce and leave it and jump into another stream. They are destined to study Science and they realize this when it is too late. People have blur vision of their life. They shoot arrows in the wrong direction and realize that at a much later part of their life. A very famous singer, Anupam Roy, who used to work in MNC, realized later that he wanted to be a singer for so long. He quit his job and now winning millions of heart with his soulful music and singing. What is this? This is purely Destiny playing its tricks.

Every single soul on this planet has a purpose, has a definite goal to achieve and a certain aim to achieve in life. Believing in the concept of Destiny gives meaning to your life. You soon know your purpose given by the Almighty to be fulfilled in a given span of time. You are, moreover, able to make a sense out of everything and able to understand the true meaning of life. One must realize that they are assigned a definite task that has a deadline. One must complete the task in that given deadline before he dies. Sooner or later, every person does realize their potential, capabilities and they work in the direction of achieving that purpose. Some people follow dreams which are different from their hobbies while others work towards achieving their hobbies and convert it into their dreams.

Destiny is a notion based on the belief that the universe is working following a natural order which is unchangeable. Believing in Destiny or Fate, in other words, offers us a purpose to live with. We automatically follow a structured pattern in achieving that sole purpose of our life and it also makes us feel secure. Believing in Destiny gives true meaning to your life and helps you to lead a quality life that is balanced and shaped in a definite structure. We are with peace in ourselves and live with the self with the sense of harmony. You know what you are born for and hence you are set on the right track to gain success in achieving it. The sooner you realize this secret the merrier it is as it will bless you an immense peace within yourself and you can journey towards attaining the objective of your life. Lastly, I would end my article with a quote by Caroline Myss -


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