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Why is fear important ?

We all have fears of different types, a few people prefer to face it, and some may try to avoid facing their fear. Science has proved that feeling fear and facing it has a lot of benefits.

Fear helps to accomplish our goals, challenge ourselves, boost our self-esteem. It also helps us to be motivated and grind ourselves during uncertainty.

Fear is considered to be negative because of extreme reasons like emotional trauma, threat, etc. These are some of the extreme fears.

This article will talk about our daily life fear which we do not recognize often and avoid coming in those situations such as, meeting the deadline fear, Facing the boss fear, Fear to do something, and many more.

Many people face different fears. I had a fear of not meeting the expectation during my work, which challenges me to push myself further and helps me to be unexpected during those situations. Why? Because of my fear.

Such situations would appear in your day-to-day lives, which helps you push your boundaries and be surprised.

But should we really be afraid of our fear? Once you know what things or fears that make you uncomfortable, you are more aware of your own self, which helps to be in control and be prepared.

There are types of fear in psychological terms such as,

  • Archophobeia

  • Aerophobia

  • Autophobia

  • Hemophobia


In this article we are not going to discuss these fears, we will discuss more the fear one faces in his/her lifestyle and understand better why fear is important.

Being fearless is a crazy term. We all want to be fearless, Bold, Upfront. Sometimes our fear helps us to discover our sight which we are not even aware of.

Here are some of the reasons why fear is important and how it can benefit you to perceive your doubts and inner tensions and accomplish your goals.


Fear helps to be more focused and concentrated. Have you ever been in one of those situations where there is no escape? You know you need to face this situation so you can be more focused and alert for a particular task or situation.

This is how fear benefits us during uncertain situations. The fear of not being prepared helps us to be more single-minded and focused. It sets goals that help to achieve and rise above stress.

It is up to you whether you want to be stuck because of your fear or move ahead.

Planning and plotting.

There was a time when I had to speak in front of 50 people. I had fear of Glossophobia, fear of speaking in public, a week before I noted down all my speech, looked in the mirror 3 times a day, learned when I should hold a pause, and many other things. That day and till now I am more confident and fearless.

The planning and preparing that speech helped me to explore this side of mine that I didn’t even know existed.

Fear triggers our subconscious mind. When you are facing uncertainty because of your fear, you become more conscious, planning and preparations to achieve your goal are one of the major benefits people get while overcoming their fear.

Planning includes preparing yourself for positive inspirations, encouragement, motivation, and reading books.

Boost Self-awareness.

When you are extremely negative, you always hold yourself back to look beyond your capabilities, which eventually leads to self-unawareness.

Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of perfection, fear of losing are some of the most common fears, and many people know what their fears are, but to overcome your fear and boost awareness, it’s most important to work on it rather than just knowing.

Too much fear can lead you to places that are in the shadows. It is better to be upfront and explore yourself.

Accept the Unexpected.

Have you ever been in one of the positions where you’re too scared to ask for something? And after giving it a shot, you got more than what you expected? It happened to me and I am sure at least one time it happened to you too.

We never know what we are letting go of the opportunities just because we are too scared to raise our voice for it.

Humbling can take you a long way, taking action by overcoming your fears is the answer for everything. In the process of promoting your fear, you never know what opportunity can knock at your door.

A pinch of empowerment.

When I was handling a project, I was too scared to even present the present in front of my boss, self-doubt and the fear of rejection, letting myself down was flowing inside me like a giant volcano, but I still presented it anyway because I knew whatever the outcome will be, at least it will pass. It turned out to be one of the best presentations, my confidence boosted to cloud 9.

When you not only face your fear but also fight through it, you feel empowered to achieve that goal.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said once you decide to do something based on your fear, at that exact moment you are already empowered.

Fear is your Safety Net.

“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.”

— Helen Keller

Yes. Fear is your safety net. Having fear is natural, but working on your fear is what builds your safety net. Without fear there is no excitement, you will not notice the threat and limitations for certain things.

Being scared and facing fear helps our body and mind to compel the situation.

In the End, There are two kinds of people, one who wears fear as a safety net and is ready to face it positively, and the other one who is negative and does not have the courage to face the situation.

“Fear is Temporary, Regret is Forever”. - Unknown

Which one do you want to be?


Jul 17, 2021

The objective of fear in humans and animals is to promote survival. People who feared the appropriate things survived to pass on their genes during human evolution. As a result, we can't claim for certain that fear is always negative. Fear, as discussed in the blog, aids us in achieving our objectives, accepting new challenges, and boosting our self-esteem.Fear is a natural emotion that should not be interpreted as a sign of weakness; rather, it should be viewed as a communication from our brain to protect us from any danger. We can use fear to help us prepare for future uncertainties or unfavorable situations. To some levels fear can be beneficial in that it keeps us focused on our goals,…


tamanna shah
tamanna shah
Jul 11, 2021

Fear is a universal emotion felt on varying degrees, depending on the situation. For many fear is a drive that helps them avoid distractions and makes them single minded. Although the blogs are short, it covers all the topics under it and does not make the transitions look abrupt. The article talks about how fear helps us stay grounded and forces us to be well-prepared. It also talks about the reward one gets once they try to overcome their fears and the feeling of accomplishment they get later. The blog beautifully highlights how fear can be used as a safety net as without fear there is no excitement and so there is no passion which leads to accomplishments. Fear is…

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