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What will Startup be like in 100 years

If we look 100 years back and compare the first quarter of the 20th century with the current world, we see that the world has changed drastically and if we look 100 years ahead, we are unable to imagine how much the world is going to be changed. past was all based on nature And future is all based on machines

Startups, ideas, businesses and plans always come with the need of time or subsequently it becomes the need of time. When we lack something, startup occurs. In the future, the world is going to experience different healthy changes and some may show negative impacts. For startups, the future is going to provide lots of platforms to start with. There might be some hindrance for new entrepreneurs, but Entrepreneurs are known for breaking the hindrance.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics : AI is going to be the biggest and most discussed Startup in future. Human beings are going to take advantage of AI in different aspects of life and world including Aeronautics, Space, Medicine, Industries, Genetics, Transportation, communication, robotics and many more. We May find industries which are developing plans to move to another world And the things needed for survival there.

Environmental issues and Health: Environmental issues are going to be the biggest problem of the future world and most of the entrepreneurs will be going to focus on the ways to reduce environmental issues and to avoid it to go haywire. Eco-friendly Products and services, human friendly environment, Oxygen Plants,food supplements tablets juices, artificial plant growing companies etc. will be the priority of startups. We May have automated garbage collecting recycle machines or Bio-bubble homes.

Cyber security: The Internet is Must for survival in the current world and will remain so in the future (unless we develop something more powerful than the internet). Almost every business and firm is online and trades happen with the internet. Startups providing cyber security are going to happen in future. Ways and systems which will provide Cyber security, privacy, biometric sensors, confidentiality to firms and agencies by creative means are going to be most focused startups

Ease of People (Work from Home): As population and pollution is going to increase in the future world (if we still don’t take it seriously) and it will be tough and rough to commute daily with crowds and traffic. To provide ease to people, future startups are going to focus on ways with which daily rush and crowd is avoided by providing an environment which will allow major work to be done from home. AI and Machines will be used to avoid labor. Ease of people will be on top priorities of a startup.

Tough Competition: Startup is the new trend and everyday people come with new ideas. Apart from this lots of well established companies are there which keep launching new plans and projects. In the future, for new startups it will be tough to settle in a very congested market of startups and to stand in market something very extraordinary and out of the box will be required, entrepreneurs in future will have to face tough competition to stand a chance.

Economic Disturbance and Trust: As Capitalism dominates the society and it will rule the future world, small startup initiatives may face economic imbalance in the future world. Funding may be the issue of startups. Apart from economic imbalance, earning people’s trust will be very challenging in the future as people usually trust old and famous brands and don’t trust new brands.


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