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Basically, this generation can be termed as the marathon for career, passion, success, achievements, etc. At some point, it's the money we pay for our hard works continuously. This lock-down is all about taking a break from all the things which have been pushing us away from our loved ones. The term FAMILY was missing in our daily routine. We were unable to give time to our family. And this lock-down is bringing every individual closer to their respective families. Parents get more time to spend time with their kids, to know more about their doings, habits, etc. while the father gets to know how difficult it is for a mother to manage a family in every aspect ranging from household works to looking after grandparents. It was the mother who manages everything and still manages to put a smile on her face. Somewhere this lock-down proved how important it is to understand the value of family which people have forgotten while in the race of career, success, achievement’s, etc. people will find that there is a loss of time and money in this lock-down but this time might not come again in coming years. It's not a personal loss as the whole world is suffering from COVID-19. Just pray for the things to get better in the coming time and till then, have some quality time with your families.

Stay safe,

Bring out the togetherness among individuals. Let the whole world be a single-family.

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