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This initiative will beautify Indian Cities more.

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We have the ministry of Urban Affairs, which has come up with this particular initiative, where they have released draft guidelines, one for the city finance rankings of 2022. The other is the city beauty competition. Basically, the city finances is about once Municipal Bodies able to generate finances making effective use of the finances that they generate on the other side, how good is the city? How good you're able to plan the city, that is what is called as the beauty competition. So, when it comes to city finance ranking, it aims to evaluate, recognise and reward urban local bodies on the basis of their strength across three financial parameters. One is the resource mobilisation, how are they able to generate it? Expenditure performance once you have the money, how are you able to spend it in an efficient manner and third is the fiscal governance system. So how are you going to keep a check and monitoring system for these fiscal responsibilities. So the fiscal situation ranking of the cities is to analyse, help the ULBs in identifying areas in their financial performance, where they can make further improvement to be able to deliver quality infrastructure and services and hence a good quality of life to its citizens.

City finance rankings would also create a conducive environment for developing a robust Municipal Finance ecosystem for promoting financially healthy, transparent and sustainable cities. Then we have city beauty competition. It has been conceived and designed as a platform to evaluate, recognise and reward Public Places in Cities across five broad pillars, aesthetics, accessibility, amenities, activities and ecology. The aim of ranking is to encourage urban local bodies to conserve the rich traditional heritage, streamline their delivery mechanisms for efficient provisioning of basic infrastructure. The competition would be held at beautiful awards, both at the city and state level. Cities would be awarded for the most beautiful public places, waterfront, green spaces, tours and heritage spaces, market and commercial places. So how good are they able to maintain it if they beautify their city, in that case, they will be provided this award as well. This happens to be an initiative taken by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.


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