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Well in the world we know humans have divided themselves in many ways based on colour, creed, religion etc. In the same way, we have divided ourselves into gender. We have thought genders are of two types Male, Female. In recent times, we have seen especially in India these so-called LGBTQ+ rights have been obsolete topics for the new India. Looking back before colonization being gay was celebrated and plastered over the temple walls even today. Well in the recent outset of Section 377 this community has come into the limelight. So let’s understand what this whole community comprises in itself.

Just like comic book characters this community too has many things added in it that is the reason it has “+” included in it. Though it was originally started as LGBT as time progressed this community has started to spread its wings too by adding q,I and a few more. So, let’s jargon on its terms first.

L in LGBTQ+ stands for “Lesbian” which is for Girls who love Girls.

G in LGBTQ+ stands for “Gay” which is for Boys who love Boys.

B in LGBTQ+ stands for “Bisexual” which is they love both genders i.e., both male and female.

T in LGBTQ+ stands for “Transgender” which is they are people who identify with a gender that’s opposite to the one assigned to them at birth.

Q in LGBTQ+ stands for “Queer” well this is an umbrella term for anyone except for Cisgender or Heterosexual. Originally a hateful slur.

Now this ‘+’ is the additional feathers in the hat of the LGBTQ community so let's see what these ‘+’ are

I in LGBTQ+ stands for “Intersex” are people whose reproductive or sexual anatomy differs from what is traditionally defined as male or female. They might have XX chromosomes or XY chromosomes or ambiguous genitalia or not, and may know at birth that they are intersex or find out it later.

A in LGBTQ+ stands for “Asexual” are people who are in love with the same gender or opposite gender but not sexually.

With all these combined they form their spectrum of choice to find their sexual identity.

Now let’s see different sexualities in this community


Let's talk about sexuality or else as we all know “jao jake ek glass panni leke aao”.

Sexuality is divided into 2 parts:- Sexual identity, Sexual orientation.

Sexual Identity: it is how you identify yourself i.e., how you think of yourself in terms of whom to whom you are attracted.

Sexual Orientation: it is to whom you are attracted to like men or woman or both etc etc

What is Pride & Ally?

Pride is the fight against discrimination and violence towards the LGBTQ+ community that’s marked by marches around the world, including India.

Ally is typically a straight/cisgender individuals who support the LGBTQ+ community

These both are necessary elements of the community to stand against the differences we have and celebrate our diversity.

How can you help them?

The main problem is that we confuse them like Transgender are the most misrepresented gender due to the courtesy of misinformation and in reality, trans people can change various aspects of themselves to align with the gender they know themselves to be. This is called transitioning and it could be social, legal or medical, like their physical appearance, name, pronouns etc. the medical step taken towards this is known as sex reassignment surgery. But these surgeries have their own myth and it is painful. Yet many people take it so that they don’t want to live in the same body which they don’t want to live in it. And if any misinformation gets in they might have to stay in that body for their entire lifetime with suffocation. Now you see how important it is to save them and how sensitive the issue is and this can cause gender dysphoria.

What can you do?

Let’s not say them as “are you gay?” or misgendering them.

Let’s not assign a pronoun to them until we ask them what they prefer? Because it can be triggering.

Let’s just be nice and encouraging to them as being born a Queer and judge them with the social norms just make them feel inferior might not help anyone. So being nice to them can help young queer kids hope for a better society and help to let them co-exist.


Well, wherever you fall on the spectrum just accept it as your identity and never be frightened to express it to others because it is 2020 and many people have a coming out story even from Hollywood celebrities to Indian celebrities.

Just spread love and what we all can say “Love comes in different forms and shapes.”

Take time in solace watch the tide pass by the shore and revert back to reality and face it. As Rumi said,” In the cave of your fears lies the great treasures for one’s life”.

Live life and what we straight people can do is just make them feel happy, safe and respect their sexual identity and orientation.

Let's all coexist.

Peace out.

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