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If you are someone who loves what you're working on or if you’re someone who doesn't, this article will give you reasons to fall in love with your work.

We all have our reasons why we choose and what field we opt as our career. 13% of people have a love affair with their work, they live for their work, they are passionate, uniquely desire for new ways to work, and very much involved in what they do. Owning up to what you do is very important unless and until you do not own your work, whether it is your job, the business, you will never be able get satisfactory results. Humans spend 1/3rd of their lives working. People who love their job do not struggle with it, they thrive and grow happily.

Love for your work can lead you to places you’ve never thought of before.

Here are the ten reasons why,

1. Your work will not feel like a blood-sucking machine

Bottom of the line, we all don’t want to feel that eventually. When you love what you’re doing, you will not feel stressed or a constant deadline to finish it off. Your boss may not happy with your results. That is because you’re not engaging completely. Loving your work requires the ability to understand why I chose this work and, if not, how I can be better at doing it. When you don't feel that constant pressure of performing your work, you will feel free and not like blood-sucking machine.

2. It helps to escape monotony

Boredom is not good for any relationship and especially with your work. Loving what you work automatically helps to escape monotony, you can avoid falling into this trap by seeking new activities, constantly upgrading your skills. Everyone at some point feel that the work that you are doing after a few months feels like a task, a routine which you want to escape from badly. That is the reason many people switch their careers constantly. When you fall in love with your work, you will never feel bored because you will be forever curious and engaged.

3. You feel less frustrated

Even when you do not know what your next step is, or how you are going to resolve the issue, it will not lead to frustration or stress because you will know this is what you have signed up for and this is what you love doing. Loving your work creates a sense of peace and calm because even when you know you are not performing 100% right now, you are still doing what you love and will eventually hack the process and lead to your goal.

4. Clear future goals

Just like any other relationship, focusing on your work and planning your future becomes quite clear. A person who loves the work would be very well-sorted in what they have to do in the future. How they will enhance their growth in the field you work in. If you are someone who is stuck in the circle and is clueless about what your future goals are. Ask these questions to yourself ;

  • Will the work I undertake enhance my skill?

  • Are the learnings going to benefit me in the long run?

  • And the most important thing—Do I love my work?

5. Explores your capability

Falling in love with your work helps in exploring your strengths and capabilities. Many people change jobs because they fail to explore their capabilities and many are not aware of their own skills. The work which you do can help you understand what your weakness and strengths are. Sometimes you might feel frustrated with your work because you lack certain skills. This happens because you do not like what you are doing. People who love their work are always one step ahead of people who do not because they understand and know what they are capable of doing which can lead to their goals.

6. Leaves an impact

How falling in love leaves an impact at your workplace? When you’re the best at what you do, whether it is teaching, performing a presentation, designing, etc. It leaves an impact not only on yourself but also on the people around you. Many just tolerate their work and do not leave a mark because what they do feels like a task to them. Unless and until you do not own your work completely, you will never be able to impact others. When you love your work, you can initiate new ideas, develop interests, be positive, which makes you stand out.

7. Your clients cannot run away

Be exceptional!

Building client relationships is not easy. It takes time, satisfactory results, meeting deadlines, a positive attitude and the right communication skills. Ultimately, attracting your clients depends on the work you’ve done. Your client can only love your work when you love it too.

The process of landing clients, creating your personal brand, working hard enough to meet the client’s expectations and the standard is only possible when you have a clear goal and interest in doing work that brings out the best of your skills.

8. Opportunities knock at your door

When you love your work, you create your opportunities.

Loving what you do and putting your best foot forward are two different things. When you dislike your job or work, you will tend to underperform not because you want to, but you will eventually after a point, and that happens because the work you are doing does not lead to opportunities to grow. Don’t waste your opportunity to grow because you do not like your work. Once you start loving your work, you will do it with inner peace and passion, you will be amazed by the results and opportunities lead you step out of your door. You just need to stay focused and consistent enough to make that happen.

9. Develops your confidence

The best way to build and develop your confidence is to enhance your skills consistently. Personal training helps build confidence when you know about a complex situation and how you can pass through it with your learning and lead to a solution. It is what makes a person more confident than ever. This can only happen when you indulge and love what you’re doing. You cannot build your confidence in a field you do not have passion about. Most often, if you notice individuals around who love what they are doing, you can see a great sense of confidence and integrity in the way they share their knowledge related to their work.

10. It will lead to your passion eventually

Many people start finding their passion too soon without investing any time in it. You will never know how passionate you are about something unless you make trail and errors.

Fall in love with your work and see how the stepping stones can lead to your passion and success eventually.


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