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Single Parenting

There are several opinions that are seen when the topic of single parenting is involved; both the opinions that support people who are single parents and also the opinions that bash or degrade single parents or the act of single parenting.

Now, you might be wondering; what exactly is single parenting?

Single parenting in itself is a situation where there is only one parent that is present in the child’s life (basically this means that there is in actuality a single parent) and here, the single parent can be either the mother or the father.

S ingle parenting can be caused by various situations of which some of which can be divorce, the separation between the parents or even the death of a spouse.

Usually, most degrading opinions surrounding single parenting tends to bash the single parents as it is seen that when a child exhibits some kind of mischievous nature or academic flaw the parents are often blamed and even more so when the child has single parents.

This is a terrible misconception as single parents are just as human as other parents and also, it cannot be definitively proven that single parents exude a bad influence on their children. In fact, most single parents are very hardworking and genuinely involved in the upbringing of their children so in this instance would you not say that there is a sort of bias towards single parents?

Single parents are one of the most judged sets of people as other people will always make up their minds to condemn them without even getting to know them personally. It should be noted that being a single parent should not at all be a stigma but it should be seen as something more heroic because it comes with a lot more challenges than a situation where both parents are present.

Pros of Single Parenting

1. Decisions get carried out quicker, in addition, things run smoothly and effectively so the child will get to experience shared responsibility as he or she will be given certain responsibilities at a young age.

2. There is more time for the single parent to focus solely on their child and this then increases the parent-to-child bonding time.

3. There is a lack of quarrelling that would have otherwise occurred if there was another parent present and this helps to shield the child from a hostile and violent environment.

4. In a situation where both parents are separated and one of the parents has the child for the weekend or so, the other parent can use that opportunity to rest up and just have enough time for themselves.

5. There is no contradiction between the laws or rules made in the household, in single parenting whatever the parent says goes causing there to be uniformity and a form of balance.

Cons of Single Parenting

1. The single parent will tend to experience bias, stigma and will in turn feel lonely due to their exclusion from certain community groups or activities.

2. Single parents have been seen to at times suffer from poor healthcare as they are often so involved in taking care of their child that they in turn forget to take care of themselves.

3. In turn, the child could also experience an increased level of anxiety and antisocial behavior especially if his or her parents were involved in a divorce case.

4. There is a possibility that there can be tension especially when the child begins comparing their parent to their absent parent.

5. Due to an increase in the pressure caused by the absence of a parent, the single parent may undergo exhaustion, depression or short temper.

Now, everything in life will always have its Pros and Cons, but these by themselves cannot fully present the idea that Single parenting is entirely bad or entirely good. This assumption then rests on the single parents themselves as since they are the ones present in the child’s life, it is totally up to them to decide the level of activity they would want to be involved in.

That a single parent you know or knew turned out to be detrimental to their child does not at all mean that all single parents are terrible. Also in this light, that a single parent you know or knew turned out to have an amazing impact in their child’s life does not again mean that all single parents are awesome.

A person’s intention will greatly affect the turnout of their future situation but one thing that should stand out is the fact that one can only be a parent to their child in one lifetime, you only have one chance to get it right so it is imperative to note that even if you are a single parent you must understand that you have to give even more than your best as there is already a gap (caused by the absence of the other parent) that needs to be filled.

Even if there is the absence of the other parent, it is not impossible for you being a single parent to raise your child in a healthy and safe manner. Single parents, in my opinion, are real MVPs and if you are a single parent you should see yourself as one too.

Being in a situation where there is an absent parent does not make you less of a parent, rather it gives you the opportunity to step up and be more of a parent to your child even though it can be hard, but really, when is life ever so easy?

As a single parent, you also need to be reminded constantly that you are just as human as anyone out there and you deserve to feel accepted so you must ensure that you develop and surround yourself with a support system that encourages and loves your child just as much as you do.

You need to as the environment you raise your child in is warm, nurturing, educative and full of love, then there is actually no difference in whether your child has just one parent or if both parents are present.

The top priority will always remain your child and as long as you keep that in mind, as long as you realize that no one is perfect, as long as you remain full of confidence, you will be just fine!

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