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Should I thrive through my emotions/thoughts? Or vice - versa.

Young minds sculpted with enormous infinite boundaries. our imaginary wireless system of mind works without a break. Sound sleep gets disrupted due to hurling thoughts and emotions. several adjectives roll and scroll which play an aspiring role in the story-lines of the creative young minds. These story-lines play a vital peek-a-boo role which are the pixels conglomerated with thoughts and emotions which we try to chase until it is captured as the finest future or a memory to be recalled in the times.

Well, storylines take most part of our journey either as a destination or path for the destination. we always curl in the route .during the journey, a few other storylines add on sometimes connected or else traveling adjacently.

Several interlinking of the story-lines, it creates certain havoc in the time which may lower our spirits .lets take a halt to breathe out, give time to picture the story-lines amidst of the chaos with emotions and thoughts .find out clear viewpoints of the emotions and thoughts .let's energize our spirits back again by thriving through emotions and strive our thoughts in our journey to reach the destination.

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