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“You’re not mature enough to take your decisions”, said Amit's father. “But Dad I’ve been designing all my life and I want to pursue my career in Designing”. “You’ve got really good scores Amit, why do you want to waste your dreams on Architecture? Go for engineering in IITs and NITs”, said Amit's father in a livid tone. “But Dad I…. “. Amit couldn’t find words to explain the chaos that was sprouting eagerly in his mind. His heart was thumping with the rage of not able to explain the storm that was going to end the artist in him. He couldn’t tell his father that he wasn’t really ‘manufactured' from childhood to pursue a career in engineer; that his brains were programmed differently to paint buildings and spaces in the best way possible. And this chaos never ended, because of the only idea of sheer lack of decisiveness in peers and to force the ‘progeny’ to carry a professional tag on its shoulders.

What happened with Amit is what happens with at least half of the students in our country. It might seem a localized issue but need to be addressed. The mental and emotional quotient are two different but very important aspects of a person’s well being. And a balance between the two keeps us going. To this date, the choice of career is not left solely on the candidate. There’s a mixed suggestion from the whole family, be it the paternal side or the maternal side, about career prospects after high school. It’s more like window shopping, you toggle your way through the streets to find the best suitable options. But more importantly, it’s better to note that window shopping might just bring you back home empty-handed too. And it’s totally understandable. Similarly, sometimes, a person is supposed to be talented or proficient enough to look for careers other than the professional ones, and he/she may be confused to choose one. And by professional I actually mean to say, the jobs that have been kept on top of the working pedestals. Be it a doctor, lawyer, engineer, MBA professional or a Bank PO. A lack of information about future prospects in a field gives air to a lot of confusion between the peers and the child. And this could also be attributed to the generation gap to some extent.

With growing age, comes a lot of independence. The independence of putting ideas to use, the independence of finding resources to succeed and the independence to choose right from wrong. The Z-Generation, which we call it, is actually way more social, independent and informed than the previous generations. In this case, if the person knows what they have to do, they might just find even better ways to achieve and create opportunities for others too. Parents need to liberate their child and give them wings to go find their own place of creativity. The rat race is an old concept, and this generation knows how to stand out among the rest. A blindfolded candidate only falls in a ditch unknown. So go, find a new passion and bring it home. Fill your bags with the colours that’ll help you paint the best of your canvas. Explore the minutest ways of driving a career towards endless possibilities. Choose what’s right for you, not for the eyes of society. Choose life with struggle, a life extraordinary, calm and beautiful. Choose Innovation. Invent, indulge and inspire.

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