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Well-developed career stories are becoming increasingly important for individuals as they navigate an unstable and unpredictable labor market. Existing narrative approaches in career guidance do not yet clearly identify the learning process by which career stories are created. But behind every successful career, one thing is common we see that is if the person pursues its interest to build up their career, he is definitely going to gets his identity well built. This will not only lead to its interest in work but will also be a joy to do so. Many success stories we heard in today’s life is just because they follow their field of interest to become their identity some of them we commonly know that, Sachin Tendulkar a famous cricketer got his identity because he decided to make his career in his own field of interest and he worked hard on it. In today’s era where the whole world is under the crises of employment, a narrative study tells that the process is a story of unemployment and effectively shows how narratives can be created through expressive and reflective writing and how such a process may foster career learning in response to a boundary experience. In the current scenario where people are busy finding a stable 9 to 5 job, It is difficult for them to keep their passion along with them where the work becomes a burden for them instead of happiness. This leads to various health issues and mental stress. But the youth of the world now wants another means by which they could be secured in life, as well as their work, should be enjoyed to them instead of burden which will definitely lead them to success. So what can be done to get such a thing? The answer is as simple as that have you ever thought to build your career in the field of your interest it may be anything dance, singing, writing, acting, etc., this will not only will keep you happy and satisfied but will also give the individual identity which everyone seeks off. So to pursue your dreams and building up your career in your own field of interest a person should be self-motivated and confident but also the support of family friends and community leads to its tremendous growth.

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