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Gen-Z is also known as I-Generation or generation Z. Generation Z means people born between 200 to the present day. There are other generations before Gen-Z. They are Gen-Y ( people born between 1980 and 1999), Gen-x (people born between 1960 and 1979).

Due to technological advancement gen-z has vastly different communication, information transfer & reception medium with other generations. They are most tech-savvy and much influenced by the digital medium.


Generation-x is the parent for Gen-Z. They raise their children differently when compared with Millennials (Gen-y). Parents explain the value of relationships, emotions, respect towards elders, and treat them like friends.

Most of the parents respect children's decisions in education and marriage. Due to technological advancements, Gen-Z people have no interaction with people and they have more attachment towards mobile phones and systems, this leads to emotionless relationships towards relatives and others.

Gender Roles:

There is a rapid change in gender roles in this generation. There is no gender discrimination at all. Women are working almost all fields, they are not restricted to one field. The attitude of males has changed and women are competitive to men in all fields. They are going in a big way in all sectors. mothers of this generation are staying in the home and raising children.

Technological advancement:

This generation is using mobile phones, social media, laptops in a big way when compared with previous generations. Technology advancements have both positive and effect on the present generation.

Due to technological advancements, people can access information anywhere in the world. Internet usage has increased, the world is a global village nowadays, people can book any product and any service from anywhere.

There is the negative impact of technology on people of this generation, the distance between people has increased, when people gather at one place they are busy with their mobile phones. They have an emotional attachment towards gadgets than humans.


Due to the increase of social media, information transfer is taking place in a few seconds, traditional news channel viewing rate has reduced and social media channels have increased and we cannot hide any information from people in the present generation.

Fake news can be easily spread with social media which leads to communal riots and law and order issue problems. The media cannot have survived if it doesn't follow present trends. When we observe we find new channels in multiple social media platforms for access.


Earlier generation advertisement is limited to TVs, radios, hoardings, palm plates, banners. There are more digital platforms available for advertising. technology has changed advertisement in a big way. Every day we observe ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Youtube, etc. Advertising agencies coming up with innovative ideas to attract customers.


Education has a drastic change in this generation. Digital learning has been raised in a big way. Teachers have to be flexible with virtual teaching. There is a boost in Virtual classes because of a pandemic. Students are using mobiles, laptops, desktops, etc for virtual classes.

Students are carrying fewer books and they can access information online for doubt clarification. They don't need to depend on any information. More applications are available to explain a subject in a picture-graphical view to understand the subject well.

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Abhijeet S Pereira
Abhijeet S Pereira
Jul 17, 2021

The gen-z generation has had a significant impact on society. This blog discusses all of the possibilities, both positive and negative. As previously stated, parenting has improved with each passing generation, but the fact that technology is creating less interaction should be considered. Gender roles have considerably improved, and it has been the generation's high point when everyone is treated equally. Although technological advancement has been tremendous, emphasising the negative consequences is a useful method to remind people that emotional attachment to gadgets should be lessened in some way. Social media and advertising have reached new heights with this generation, but there is a worry of fake news being circulated every now and then. The educational system has evolved in…

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