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How to turn your passion into your income source.

Having A Passion But Still Procrastinating?

Often you hear many people complaining about their jobs or whining about what they do for a living. It feels like a spider web; want to get out of it but still not able to.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, you all know him, Duh! But did you know Bill gates’ career plan was to become a lawyer. We all know what he chose to do, turning his passion into more than a 100 billion dollar company today.

In the olden days, people did what they did for a living whether they liked it or not because they did not have much opportunity.

But, in today’s era, we do not have this problem. For every field, interest, we have resources and platforms to perform and build a career out of our passion.

It is not like people do not follow their passion, they do, but 3 out of 5 people step back because of the following reasons:

  • Security

  • The tradition of following some path

  • Debts

  • Social pressure

  • Self-doubts

  • Not confident enough

These are most of the reasons why people do not follow their passion and do not consider building a career.

Following your passion side by side is different and making a profitable career is different.

People often start building their business based on their passion, whether it be a cake shop, home-based food delivery, dancing, social media influencer, blogger, many more. But still, why do they fail? And go back to the same routine.

Before you start building your career based on your passion, you need to keep in mind that,

Nobody will care about your passion except you.

You need to offer what your clients and customers are looking for.

You need to satisfy them with your passion for delivering that work that makes them pay you to keep following your passion.

In doing what you love, always keep in mind: Does your audience love the same?

Let's look at some of the tips which can help you turn your passion into your Income source:

Research about how you can earn from your passion.

Everyone wants to earn by doing what they love, but it is not as easy as said. You need to think creatively about how your passion can help your audience and make a living for you too.

Today we are leveraging in the world of internet, social media, we are just a click away from gaining information.

For example, your interest is in teaching. You like to teach, you can do more than just take home-based tuitions. You can research about how to gain students, making your own Youtube videos, creating your own syllabus, posting regularly on social media on various topics, how you can teach in a fun and innovative way.

Thinking creatively, discovering and experimenting can help you from earning through your passion.

Create Personal Brand.

Everything is shifting to digital now-a-days, you name one thing and you can find 100 posts, people creating content around it.

Social media is your resume, you have the power to build your own personal brand through social media. You can create your portfolio and share on social media, whatever your passion is, designing, writing, baking, dancing, bodybuilder, photography, you can create your own brand.

From profession to career, you can express your story, showcase your learnings, express your thoughts.

Be consistent.

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently”. Anthony Robbins

To be consistent means to fully dedicate ourselves to our goal. Showing up one day and taking a break the other day will lose your accountability. Most people fail in doing what they love and make a career by doing the same thing because they are simply not committed enough.

  • Be consistent in upgrading your skills.

  • Break down tasks and try to complete them before the deadline

  • Post regularly on social media

These can help you in being consistent and help your audience too to see daily posts and understand more about your goals.

Analyze your competitors.

You do not have to copy, you just need to understand and analyze.

You need to analyze your competitors, this is challenging, for instance, you like to do graphic designing, you want to become a freelancer in this field, that is your career goal. You need to understand how other competitors are providing the same service.

Competitor analyze will help you to understand what marketing strategies they are practicing, what their products and services are. The main goal to analyze competitor is to understand what is happening around you and what are the opportunities where you can outperform them and create your own unique value.

Identify current demand.

Your passion might be to collect stamps or coins but are you going to get paid for it, No. So when you are planning to build a career based on your passion, make sure that it has demand.

When you are starting out, you have skills as a base, but is that enough to turn it into your earnings? No. The question arises of how to differentiate our skillset and earn from that. Identifying current demand can help you stand out.

Market Identification can help you in understanding who your target audience is, how you can sell your product or service to them. Understanding the demand in the market can help you to analyze how to market, promote, advertise your service or product in the market.

Surround yourself with like-minded people.

"Be careful with the advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia." Mary Schmich

It is very important to surround ourselves with people who can contribute to our growth. Networking and collaborating with people who have the same interest can help you to learn more.

Networking can help you explore, you can collaborate and work on a project together. Networking on social media platforms is easier as compared to before. People who are already doing well can help you as a mentor, you can learn from them and update your skills. Remember, passionate minds always think alike.

It will take time.

It's not easy to leave your comfort zone. Building an income source based on your passion is not as easy as most people think.

In the whole process, there will be times when you think to give up and go back to your routine. You need to be disciplined and trust your process.

Ultimately you don’t really know until you start.


Jul 11, 2021

A very remarkable piece of work by Vini Jain. She begins her article by a question. This can attract the reader’s attention towards her words. She uses a very simple and easy language for everyone to understand clearly and relate to what she wants to convey. The use of bold catches eye.

She enlists everything you need to know on this topic. It helps you to generate ideas about what you are looking for. Almost everyone wants they should work according to their interests and passions. The topic is really thoughtful. It contributes to finding new ways for your career. There is proper use of vocabulary too.

Basically, the writer has done an excellent job in stating facts and giving…


tamanna shah
tamanna shah
Jul 11, 2021

A finely written article, this blog highlights all the important and necessary steps needed turn your passion into your income source. The example of Bill gates is quite apt and him wanting to be a lawyer is a lesser-known fact about him which makes him all the more inspiring. The blog speaks about how we have way more resources than before to fuel our dreams and passions and now there is little if not nothing holding us back. Looking at incentives like money is important and the blog helps you navigate by telling you what exactly should be searched and how it helps. Surrounding yourself with the right people and being constantly consistent are vital to anyone’s success. From the…

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