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How to get hired in a Startup Industry?

Startups are growing rapidly and creating huge jobs in India. Getting jobs in start-ups requires skills related to the industry. Working with a startup is a good career move. New skills will be learned in a startup. Like big organizations, they don’t have a budget. Hence a few people work on more projects and more skills are required to handle those projects. Accountability will be more and tracking will be minute at every stage. They observe employee skill sets while working on a project. There is a chance of knowledge sharing.

Companies look for:

Companies look for people who start their work without any assistance. They don’t want employees to depend on other employees for work assistance. Companies will hire applicants who have multiple skill sets with sound technical knowledge. Start-ups reduce capital by hiring freshers as interns for a specific period. freshers can have the opportunity to learn skills for their career.


A few startups who are not financially strong will look for people who are available for less salary. They don’t provide benefits like big companies. People who are ready to take the opportunity for the salary they offered will be hired.

Work Culture and timing:

Work culture is different for different organizations. We shouldn’t compare ourselves with MNC’s. The timing will not be 9 to 5. There may be more than that and maybe no benefits for extra timings. Weekly offs could be different like a few will have 2 days weekly off and others don’t have. Hence, those who are willing to join should prepare for timing and pressure.

Social interaction:

Interact with people who already have the job and ask for the opportunity, if any. All start-ups will not advertise for jobs, they take employees reference to hire a candidate. Look for multiple platforms like job portals, social media channels and many more for jobs. Startups use social media platforms for hiring. You should have LinkedIn connections for an update on jobs.

Resume preparation:

Prepare a good resume and update and upload in job portals. It is suggestable to take professionals to help in preparing a resume. A resume is like a palm plate that explains about a professional experience, possessing skills, achievements, etc. Analysis is required every time to update ourselves, what are the flaws in a resume if any, if not getting any interview calls.

Understanding about the company:

Before appearing for an interview, it is mandatory to know the services the company is offering and what the company is about. There will be a question from an interviewer “what do you know about the company?.If a candidate explains it, it is a positive sign that candidate is interested in the job and he has seriousness towards the interview. If not, it could be a negative remark.

Reach out to startups directly:

It is good to reach out to start-ups directly, just checking in online through multiple sources and contacting them directly and asking them to schedule for an interview and visiting offices and keep in touch with hr personal for job updates will give an added advantage.


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