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Space you shaped without hurdles so I could crawl around.

Support you gave with your little finger so that I could hold it with my tiny fingers.

Nurtured with strong values for which everyone looks up to you admiringly.

You made a home of free thoughts but never let us get wavered with the tides. Always held us to analyze and learn the calmness and soaring roars of the tides.

Here I stand in front of you after having a dive deep in the chaos and calmness, bit shivering with the cold water that slurping from the head to the toe.

I see you...

Hold me to ignite the fire in me.

Hold me to nurture the values deep-rooted.

Hold me to travel in the hurdles so that I stand again with much higher spirits.

Hold me to the branch which allows the sun to shine at the roots of your values.

Hold me with the time so that I can see the spark of pride in your eyes.

....without words uttered I spoke to you.

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