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Greenhouses Garden Sheds: Inspiration, Inform...

Outdoor storage sheds are ever popular in the gardening community. They give you a place to store all of the stuff that inevitably starts to build up over the years including tools, equipment, pots, planting soil, seeds, and more. Unfortunately, when buying a new shed you are limited by what is available in your price range. Gardeners often get stuck with one of two options: something that is inexpensive and unattractive, or a nice looking shed that breaks the bank. Many people turn to DIY solutions and end up building their own sheds so that they can customize them and make them fit in with their own personal style. These books are the best out there when it comes to DIY shed building instructions and inspiration, whether you are a seasoned builder or a complete newbie. You can use reclaimed or new materials, spend a lot of money or a little, and still end up with a great looking, functional shed to store all of your gardening tools and equipment.

Greenhouses Garden Sheds: Inspiration, Inform...

If you're a gardener, then greenhouses are a great way to extend the growing season all year so you can enjoy orchids or fruit trees or even vegetables any time of year. But greenhouses are more than just a place to grow. Whether attached to the house or designed as a separate building, greenhouses can be contemplative spaces that allow you to relish the great outdoors even in the dead of winter. Their glass windows offer an often 360-degree view of the outdoors and allow you to stay warm and toasty even when there is snow on the ground.

The accessibility and portability of this raised-bed greenhouse is bound to lead to a lot of plant productivity. The 46" x 46" raised garden greenhouse is perfect for growing in small spaces. It sits 28 inches off the ground to make gardening accessible to everyone. The lids can lock open for full access to do your planting and harvesting or for ventilation. The polycarbonate panels also help protect plants from pests and the cold. Plus, the lightweight materials make it easy to disassemble and move the greenhouse. The structure includes two planting areas, internal water drainage and plant hangers for trellising. Plus, it has built-in storage space for gardening tools and accessories. Take a look at some more greenhouses you can buy online.

Do you want a small greenhouse for hardening off seedlings or overwintering cool-season edibles? This mini tabletop glasshouse may be your answer. Constructed from four old windows and a table, this charming greenhouse is accessible for all gardeners. It is also lightweight, so two people could easily carry it in or out of the sun. The tin tile roof helps reflect sunlight and adds passive warmth to the interior.

Susanne loves to relax and unwind in her lovely backyard greenhouse, a botanist's paradise. A comfy daybed loaded with plenty of pillows makes this a wonderful space to lounge with some gardening books. See more of this space in the next slide.

A greenhouse can function as a stylish adjoining room to your home where you can enjoy an indoor garden year-round. The all-mahogany frame, ridge cresting and stone walls of this design by Conservatory Craftsmen also includes in-floor heating.

This natural wood greenhouse offers gardeners the beauty, warmth and natural ambiance of a solid cedar conservatory. The 8' x 16' structure features a high peak roof that allows summer heat to rise and easily sheds snow in the winter. Red cedar is a great choice for greenhouses because it is insect resistant and won't rot like other woods.

Inside your greenhouse, stick with shelves and vessels that are low maintenance and easy to keep clean and tidy with a garden hose and heavy-duty nozzle. A variety of plant stands will allow you to move things around as the plants grow. Tables and benches made from wood slats allow water to freely drain from containers.

Get the most out of your outdoor shed by customizing it to serve multiple purposes. This garden shed comes equipped with a polycarbonate panel roof that lets in an abundance of natural light and keeps the cold out in winter so it has the ability to double as a greenhouse.

Perfect for small spaces or as a starter greenhouse, an 6' x 8' model like this combines stylish design with durability. The tall door allows for extra airflow and the powder-coated green frame blends in perfectly with any garden setting.

5. Contemporary Greenhouse Shed. This magnificent greenhouse was custom-built, offering an abundance of natural light for growing plants indoors. Beautiful gardens surround this greenhouse for summertime enjoyment in Seattle, Washington. (via Architectural Glass/Greg Carman)

24. Backyard Greenhouse. This cool space is the perfect place to store all of your container plants, especially the ones that were outside during the summer. They will survive and thrive in this unique microclimate. You can make your greenhouse functional by storing your garden tools and even personalize it with a unique light fixture and perhaps even some artwork! (via @haarkon_)

27. Freestanding Work Areas. Having a greenhouse means you can garden throughout the seasons. You can also continue to propagate seeds and cuttings to grow a wide variety of plants. A large bench provides a work area for potting plants, filling flats, etc. (via HGTV)

A greenhouse is a great addition to just about any garden in any climate. Want to extend your growing season or try growing a few warmer-climate plants? Greenhouses can create the perfect microclimate for all of your growing needs. Need a potting shed that can also double as a safe space for seedlings or seasonal container gardens? A greenhouse can double as a functional addition and aesthetically pleasing focal point.

The classic a-frame greenhouse is tried and true. While this particular gem lends itself to the traditional charm of an English garden, this versatile style can work with just about any aesthetic. The addition of decorative finials and a sweet awning over the door adds a few personal touches to this greenhouse kit.

This greenhouse is a true stunner with a sweet collection of vintage furniture pieces and some shady coverage with climbing vines. If your greenhouse is going to have a brick or concrete base then adding in raised beds is a great idea. Not only do they provide a polished look, but they also make it a bit easier to maintain your garden without crawling around. Carry the base or floor material up for a seamless look.

This classic aluminum greenhouse is the perfect spot to germinate some seedlings. If you are looking to expand on your gardening endeavors then a seedling greenhouse is a great addition to help you get your little vegetables and herbs ready to be planted out in your beds. Deep shelves for trays of seedlings are a good place to start, and you can even consider adding in a few grow lights to help them along.

Gardening is relaxing, but it can also be a high-maintenance activity. Nothing is worse than spending weeks nurturing seedlings only to have them dampen off, or to lose late summer plants to an early frost. Furthermore garden pests often eat up edible plants before you have a chance to enjoy them! Depending on the type of plants you are wanting to grow, the time of year and your gardening zone, it is possible that a greenhouse could be a solution to many gardening issues. *This post contains collaborative links.

Have a greenhouse can be a lot of fun! You can also keep your main gardening supplies in the greenhouse, which in turn can help speed up gardening tasks. You can organize the inside of a greenhouse similar to a garden shed. For more ideas, you can read up on how garden sheds can keep your home spic and span.

I love making every day beautiful in "My Old Kentucky Home," a 1921 yellow brick charmer in the (re)making. I truly enjoy sharing my creative ideas with others and I hope you will be inspired here. I am a music teacher and licensed KY Realtor with a passion for old homes, decorating, collecting antiques, gardening, and creating lovely things! I have a natural flair for designing cozy spaces with vintage style on a budget, and I love junkin' for unique objects to use in my cottage-style decor and garden. Look for my "Style Tips" in posts on decorating, home improvement, DIY and craft tutorials, gardening, holidays and entertaining. If you are searching for inspiration, just "Follow The Yellow Brick Home!"

With so many greenhouse ideas on offer, this humble workhorse presents an under-explored opportunity in the garden. For the most part, the greenhouse serves as the perfect place to expand your horticultural efforts, however, its potential doesn't stop there.

Far from just a place to grow plants, a greenhouse can be a dual-purpose space that can be used both for growing your own food and also as a garden room where you can relax amongst the foliage and enjoy some 'me time'. However, when choosing a greenhouse, it is important to have this dual focus in mind.

When exploring new greenhouse ideas, take great care over the design you choose. 'It's important to consider how the structure will fit into your wider garden landscaping,' advises Tom Barry, CEO at Hartley Botanic (opens in new tab). 'Regardless of its use, your greenhouse needs to find a natural place within your existing garden, rather than dominate it.'

In today's climate, we are much more aware of sustainability and the provenance of our food. The ever-popular trend for learning how to grow your own vegetables means that greenhouses are still playing such a huge importance in our gardens for growing produce.

If you're anything like us, your houseplant obsession will have covered nearly every surface in your home. Instead of having to curb your houseplant ideas, why not create a botanic oasis in your garden by transforming your greenhouse ideas into a houseplant haven?

You don't need a big garden to experience the perks of these greenhouse ideas. With the right greenhouse design, you can embrace all the benefits as part of your small garden ideas too. For a tiny plot consider investing in a smaller version like the one above. The three shelves offer plenty of space to nurture seedlings or smaller products such as cherry tomatoes or salad leaves. 041b061a72


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