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Where To Buy Fox Shocks ~REPACK~

Live Valve continuously and intelligently adjusts compression damping in real-time to deliver the optimized ride for any terrain or driving situation. By using vehicle sensors and accelerometers, FOX shocks can instantly adapt to inertial, steering, braking, and acceleration inputs to actively maximize handling, comfort, and bottom-out resistance.

where to buy fox shocks

In this latest FOX Academy video installment, we dive into some of the structural, tuning, and ride characteristic differences between a standard shock and our three terrain-tuned series of Jeep aftermarket shocks.

While your completely stock Jeep is going to be more capable than a sedan (for obvious reasons), it will largely be because of tire size, four-wheel drive, and increased ground clearance, not because the shocks are designed to absorb the higher frequency and larger magnitude forces that come from driving off-road.

The intended off-road application is why FOX makes Jeep shocks out of aluminum, uses an internal floating piston (IFP) for consistent performance, and designs them to be rebuildable and tunable so that the shocks can evolve with your Jeep.

The standard shocks that come on your Jeep are usually made of steel. Steel is cost-effective and great for insulating. This is one of the reasons why it is used in vacuum-sealed water bottles and travel mugs. Steel keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.

In addition to its insulating properties, the low carbon steel used on standard shocks has a propensity to rust. To prevent this, a layer of paint is added to help the shock last longer. But the issue with a layer of paint over steel is that it insulates heat inside the shock even more than steel alone.

Most shocks will use some form of internal pressurized gas to allow for oil to be displaced by the shaft. As a shock is compressed, the shaft entering the shock body consumes space previously occupied by the oil. To accommodate the displaced oil volume, there is a gas chamber within the shock that is able to compress. During rebound, the gas expands as the oil reoccupies the space that the shaft once consumed.

This is a similar to shaking a half-filled bottle of water. Once you stop shaking the bottle, air bubbles are still trapped inside the water as they travel back towards the top of the bottle where the rest of the air is.

An IFP is a barrier between the pressurized gas and the shock oil that prevents the two from mixing and foaming. All FOX Jeep shocks have IFPs because they prevent oil from foaming and ensure consistent performance over long, hard, and fast miles off-road. The IFP allows your FOX shocks to maintain their effectiveness at controlling the movements of your Jeep and ensuring your comfort.

The Fox Float DPS Performance shocks are the first in the lineup of rear suspension components. All black with an adonised air sleeve they are available in imperial sizes only (that means none of that new metric stuff here). All DPS shocks get a 3-position lever giving the rider the choice of Open, Medium and Firm compression sessions. Behind this lever is a red rebound dial and of course, as this is an air shock, you can adjust air pressure too. Alongside this, you can add or remove volume spacer tokens to further tune the feel of the shock and the bottom-out resistance.

The shocks get the brands EVOL air spring. This is Fox's air spring system used across the entire range. The EVOL part stands for 'Extra VOLume' and indicates that it has a larger negative air spring than previous Float designs in order to make the initial part of the travel more linear.

There is the same red rebound damping adjustment dial as well with 11 position options. Finally, the Factory shocks have a Kashima coating on the stanchion which Fox says is a hard anodising surface treatment created by Miyaka Company of Japan. It consists of "lubricating molybdenum disulfide deposited via electrical induction into the billions of micro-pores on the surface of hard-anodized aluminium for better lubrication and less abrasion and wear." So, now you know.....

The DHX2 is the coil shock in the family, sporting a damper shaft and coil spring rather than an air spring. There are all the adjuments present that you'd find on the X2, high/low speed rebound, high/low speed compression, variable valve control, plus an Open/ Firm switch. The shocks are available in eye to eye lengths from 210 to 250mm and stroke lengths from 50 to 65mm.

Tom's Shocks is the aftermarket suspension unit of Tom's Snowmobile. We have been in business refining snowmobile suspension for the better part of a decade. What sets us apart is our deep understanding of suspension kinematics, our ability to customize a damper set for a customer's need and our ability to fabricate new components where the OEM stuff falls short.

Fox is the best in the business when it comes to mountain bike suspension. If you love riding off road you won't find better performance than Fox forks, Fox shocks, and Fox dropper posts. Check out all the Fox suspension for sale here at Summit Bicycles.

If you can't find the mounting hardware sizes listed anywhere, you can always call the bike brand directly and ask them. But, if ALL of that fails you and the bike brand doesn't know, then it's time to take matters into your own hands...

Alternatively, if for example, you don't already have mounting hardware to measure, you could measure the frame and bolt. The shock fixing bolt measures in at an external diameter of 8mm and the area where the shock sits measures at 20mm wide.

As of 2016, all available in 26", 27.5", & 29" wheel sizes (except where noted) and tapered steerer tubes, with straight 1-1/8" tubes on select models. Talas springs are externally adjustable down by 20-30mm.

In 2014 Fox introduced the Performance Series line of Off-Road shocks and rebranded their existing shocks as Factory Series.[15] The differences between the two lines of shocks are extensive, nearly every part has been redesigned.

You have now arrived at the place for all of your GEN1(2010-2014) Ford Raptor SVT Fox Shock needs. We are an authorized Fox Shocks dealer, which allows us to buy our parts direct. This also allows us to sell the parts at a better price, which results in customers receiving more back on their deposit refund, when they return their shocks and we disassemble them. Below, please find our pricing on servicing and rebuilding Ford Raptor Shocks. If you have have any questions, please Contact Us today.

Please note that your $500 deposit will be refunded, minus any replacement parts or refinishing fees upon receipt and inspection of your old shocks (please Contact Us about our exchange policy for further details). NOTE: Refinishing: If your shocks have rust or corrosion on them, they will need to be refinished before we can send them out to the next customer. The refinishing fee is $125 per pair (2 Shocks) or $199 per set (4 Shocks). This charge will be deducted from the deposit. NOTE: If your shocks are damaged or in need of replacement parts, we will deduct the cost from the deposit amount to cover the replacement parts. >> 2010-2014 Ford Raptor Send in Your Shocks Program (OEM):

Shocks By Hammer utilizes stock NBR seals unless you specify you want VITON seals. VITON seals are designed for high temp applications only and should not be used in climates where temperatures get extremely cold. If you want a VITON seal upgrade, it is free of charge.The cost of the O-rings that are VITON are similarly priced, and we now sell them at the same price, saving you $20 per shock. If you are unsure of which seal you need, we have done the research for you: Standard NBR on the other hand is only effective for continuous sealing at temperatures up to +110C (with short term sealing at 130C.) Standard Viton/FKM compounds can provide continuous sealing at temperatures up to approximately +205C.

*As of January 1, 2020 UPS changed their overweight limit to anything over 50 lbs (previously it was 70 lbs and we could stay under that mark all the time).By UPS doing this, it increased the shipping flat fee of $24 each way. As a result we had to modify our shipping costs. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, but it's obviously out of our control.*If your shocks are shipped with the springs still installed, the price for shipping will go up due to the extra weight. *Exchange Policy: Exchange means you are responsible for sending your shocks back. If you decide to keep the shocks that you are supposed to send back, you will be billed an additional $250.

Another big plus is the fact that these are completely rebuildable. Fox recommends having them rebuilt every 50,000 miles (or 80,467 kms) for street use and every 10,000 miles (or 16,093kms) for a 50/50 mix of street and off road use. That means these could be the last shocks you ever buy for your rig!

The way shocks create a damping force is by creating resistance on a piston that moves inside the shock body. The resistance comes from having oil flow through holes and washer stacks that act as check valves in the piston. The more freely the oil flows, the less damping there is. The check valves allow for compression and rebound to be tuned separately.

In short, the internal bypass system allows for Toyota engineers to tune the shocks for peak performance in a variety of situations. On the Tacoma, the front shocks have eight bypass zones (five compression, three rebound), while the rears have 11 (seven compression, four rebound). Along with that, the shocks are tuned very specifically for vehicle weight, suspension travel, and the weight of the wheels and tires.

Besides being internal bypass shocks, the TRD Fox shocks are larger in diameter with piggyback or remote reservoirs, and they have additional seals compared with most shocks. Heat often kills a shock, but the larger diameter allows for more heat to be dissipated and increases the amount of oil within the shock. The extra space of the remote reservoir also allows for additional oil and cooling. These shocks are designed to spend hours on end driving off-road without fading, overheating or blowing. 041b061a72


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