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Buy Used Diamonds

Welcome to Louped, the premier online diamond and jewelry marketplace. Our peer-to-peer platform offers the only truly sustainable option for engagement rings, diamonds, watches, and more, without retail markups or environmental costs. The Louped process is SIMPLE, SUSTAINABLE, & SECURE.

buy used diamonds

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After several purchases from this amazing site, I will never shop retail jewelry stores again! There is a huge variety of diamonds, as well as other jewelry. It does take a bit for them to ship items out, so patience is a must. They take time to check the items for quality before they ship them to the buyer, and I have never been let down! I will never buy jewelry from anyone else besides them.

These days, we all understand the importance of recycling and the issue of sustainability: reduce, re-use and recycle. But have you considered what that looks like when it comes to diamonds? Are you looking to buy or sell recycled diamonds? We take a closer look at whaat recycled diamonds are and how the advantages and benefits of recycled diamonds.

Even the lowest quality stones are capable of being re-cut and repackaged back into the jewelry sector. Recycling diamonds allows the flow of second-hand diamonds back into meaningful jewelry production. This in turn gives a strong ethical rationale by reducing the burden on mining activities and thus lessening environmental impacts. This is something which WP Diamonds, in common with a growing number of jewelers and consumers, takes very seriously.

While lab grown diamonds have gained a reputation as an eco-friendly alternative, they still require vast amounts of energy to produce. Which makes sense as diamonds are formed under immense pressure and heat.

For the record, it is estimated that over 4.5 billion carats (900,000 kgs) of diamond have been extracted from the ground since mining first began. Due to the inherent hardness and durability of diamonds, much of this volume is still in circulation throughout the world. However, the recycled diamond business currently represents less than five per cent of the total diamond industry sales. A situation that WP Diamonds aims to redress.

Our goal is to provide a modern and professional alternative for selling luxury items. No fees or commissions deducted, no middle-man or waiting for us to sell your items on your behalf. We buy your loose diamonds and diamond jewelry directly.

There are plenty of businesses set up to buy diamonds. However, very few prepared to offer a streamlined and trustworthy service that can take as little as 24 hours. And even fewer who have the diamond expertise and knowledge to offer competitive diamond prices.

We buy a wide range of second-hand and used diamonds and recycle these back into the industry. From antique cut diamond rings to cushion cut diamond engagement rings to designer diamond jewelry and more. We buy diamond jewelry with a center stone of 0.5ct or larger, as well as designer jewelry, luxury watches and handbags.

Any of the GIA certified diamonds you see here can be sold in the setting as it is shown or for a lower price if you want to just buy the loose diamond. We can also change the setting if you are in love with the diamond but would prefer a different setting. Call us for price quote and details.

The certificate is the gold standard. GIA sets the bar and everybody else follows. That is why we have all our diamonds GIA certified; to give our customers peace of mind. For the love we share, for the commitment we have, and for the investment we make, our GIA certified diamond rings and Gray & Sons, are forever at your service. We also cater to those looking to sell their GIA diamond rings and offer significantly more than other options in the market. As a purveyor of fine luxury goods since 1980, our company philosophy revolves around authenticity and hence we are willing to pay a highly competitive price for your quality diamonds. Sell your GIA diamond rings for more by coming to us for all of your diamond ring needs.

Diamond, Onyx, and Emerald Bracelet We absolutely guarantee that when you walk into the room wearing this sparkling stunner, no one will wonder if your diamonds were bought used. This beautiful bracelet was designed as a wide band set with circular, old and single-cut diamonds, enhanced by marquise and French-cut diamonds within onyx surrounds, with calibré-cut emerald detail.

Buying a second hand diamond is not like buying used shoes. You can tell if someone has worn shoes; you cannot tell if a diamond is pre-owned! If jewelry is well cared for, diamonds never lose their splendor. This aspect is part of why they are so valuable!

Take these diamonds for example. Here is a beautiful diamond from James Allen for $5,500 and a fantastic alternative from Blue Nile for $5,581. Both of these diamonds are phenomenal choices that would have cost you about $6,500 in a local store.

We recently did a secret test that of the major online options for selling your diamond. We purchased a diamond ring from Tiffany & Co for other purposes (making videos and keeping our reviews current) and used this as an opportunity to see what the other side of the business is like. Here are the results.

The ring we used was a 0.53ct round diamond in a classic Tiffany solitaire setting. We originally purchased it for $4,500. Obviously, we expected to lose a lot of money on the transaction. The question was, how much?Please note that we used a Tiffany ring for this test. Tiffany diamond rings are insanely expensive and very poor bang for your buck. That is the reason there was such a large gap between the amount we paid and the amount we were able to sell it for.

As diamonds lose their value quickly, it is hard to get a good price if you ever want to resell your engagement ring. You might not find many buyers, because jewelers tend to stay clear of used diamonds for the same reason. Other options might be a pawn shop or online forums, but even there you might not get a good price.

When it comes to engagement rings, size matters. Everyone wants a ring with a big and beautifully cut rock on it. If they prefer diamonds you might think you are out of luck. But if you consider purchasing a second-hand ring, you can get a better item for a much lower amount. For example, a second-hand 3-karat ring might be equivalent in price to a brand new 1-karat ring.

Diamonds are tough, and they stand the test of time. It is virtually impossible to scratch or chip them. Buying a second-hand engagement ring does not mean you have a defective jewel. A diamond that has been in use for some time will be as good as one that has been carved and set just recently. Given the durability of diamonds, and considering how hard it is to check how old they are, there is no knowing whether the diamond ring you just bought has been in use already.

ZALES has managed to build up an extensive collection of beautiful, used jewelry items by allowing customers to return or trade-in their pieces. You can get a gorgeous item with a price reduced by nearly 60%. With these options, you are bound to find the engagement ring of your dreams, and at a price that will put considerably less strain on your budget.

The 18-to-35 demographic is marrying older than the Gen Xers and baby boomers who cemented the link between diamonds and matrimony. Millennials, famously, have less to spend in their 20s than prior generations did, due to mounting student debt and having entered the job market after the financial crisis.

The traditional diamond industry believes younger consumers will eventually become much like their parents. The 2016 Diamond Insight Report from De Beers argued that millennials simply delay when they buy diamonds because they marry later.

All diamonds, from the center stone of an engagement ring to a pair of diamond earrings, have resale value. However, the resale value of a diamond is almost always significantly less than the amount you or your fiancé paid to purchase the diamond when it was new.

In general, diamonds do not increase significantly in value over time. Outside of a small number of rare or colored diamonds, the vast majority of diamonds have decreased slightly in value over the last few years, making them a poor investment from a price appreciation perspective.

However, over a longer time period, diamond prices have increased. Statistica is a worldwide expert on statistical research. They show a more than tenfold increase in the market price of diamonds per carat for the period from 1960 to 2016.

At first glance, this can make diamonds look like a good investment. However, the reality is that investing money in just about anything else would have produced a better return on investment over the same period than purchasing and keeping a diamond.

Yes! Diamonds Direct offers a vast selection of specialty cut diamonds as well as fancy shaped stones, and colored diamonds! Though our online loose diamond inventory does not display those specialty stones at this time, you can readily find specialty cut or colored diamonds in our showroom locations! Our diamond experts are here to guide you through the diamond buying process, particularly if you are looking for a rare diamond. To get personal shopping help from one of our diamond experts, contact a store near you, use our request an appointment feature, chat with a virtual diamond expert, or call us at (800) 885-5050.

Please note this discount, as well as any of our promotional pricing year round, does not apply to certified natural diamonds or price protected designer lines and cannot be combined with any other offer or special financing promotions exceeding 12 months.

Diamonds Direct will consider buying loose diamonds weighing a 0.50 carat or more, based on our inventory levels at that time. One of our diamond experts will need to inspect the diamond in person, as well as any accompanying paperwork, to determine if the diamond can be purchased. You can then put that money towards a new purchase at Diamonds Direct.

Diamonds Direct will consider buying loose diamonds weighing 0.50 carat or more, based on our inventory levels at that time. One of our diamond experts will need to inspect the diamond in person, as well as any accompanying paperwork, to determine if the diamond can be purchased. 041b061a72


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