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NO, nuclear power is not a good source of energy. I am from the west coast where the Whoops plant was built ( partially, they ran out of money) its on a fault line. They say the west coast is long over due for a big quake and all I can say is thank god they ran out of money. This world needs to wake up. There is clean energy and big corporations and our goverment continue to fight it at the expense of the world. I have heard the Japan is way ahead on earthquake prep. but did they not think of the of what would happen with nuc's plants on fault lines. My heart goes out to the Japanese people this is the biggest tragdey. But if there is one good outcome it will be no more nuclear energy. Otherwise we are doomed to repeat history.

Doom 2 rus скачать

I don't think the radiation is a doomsday problem, as the movies and media would have us believe. Hiroshima was bombed, yet today it is a modern vibrant city. Radiation from a nuclear palnt is miniscule compared to that from a bomb. Because a nuclear power plant uses uranium which is much much much less concentrated then that used in a bomb, it could never become a bomb.

Nuclear? No. Why? There is one aspect of nuclear energy I have never heard discussed: like oil, coal, and natural gas, nuclear is a non-renewable resource. The nuclear proponents would have the world make another expensive, long term, and very dangerous investment in something that is in the end just another doomed strategy. Doomed. Non-renewable. Is the human race so collectively stupid that we can apply none of the lessons the great oil debacle should have taught us?

Nuclear Power has been proven time and again to be too dangerous as a power source! For those that say Nuclear power is safe in the US, they are delusional! Many of our Nuclear power plants are old and built on fault lines and next to major waterways. Nuclear power places everyone (all living things) in jeopardy along with the environment, for hundreds if not thousands of years. We do not have the right to doom the environment for many generations to come by using Nuclear anything! Period!

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