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[S5E1] The (Very) Big Bird Job

Word gets back to Jax that there are also witnesses who claim they saw him and Chibs shooting at members of the One-Niners, and that the police will be on their way to arrest them any time soon. Gemma insists that they need to leave, but Tara protests that her child's father should not become a fugitive. Regardless, they set off to a location of Gemma's choice which turns out to be Nero Padilla's apartment/escort agency. At the same time, Wayne Unser is at Gemma's house to feed her bird. Four masked men burst into the house, beat him up, and trash the house. A close-up reveals the same prosthetic leg used by one of the Nomads earlier in the episode.

[S5E1] The (Very) Big Bird Job

When Cersei doesn't show up at the Sept of Baelor for her trial, Lancel is sent to retrieve her. On his way, he spots one of Qyburn's little birds running towards a door and gives chase. Brother Lancel is lead on a chase through a dank, drafty tunnel but stops when he notices dark shapes. Suddenly, the treacherous child sneaks up behind Lancel and stabs him in the spine, paralyzing the young cleric from the waist down.[20] 041b061a72


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