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Ferrofluid Sculpture Buy ##TOP##

The meat and potatoes of any two-part liquid display is a high-quality suspension liquid and a professional grade ferrofluid. It's important to know that not all ferrofluid displays are created equal. Genuine Concept Zero displays will not stain, leak, or stop spiking in a few weeks like imitation brands.

ferrofluid sculpture buy

Steven Papell at NASA was tasked with controlling and directing liquid rocket fuel in outer space. The absence of gravity allowed the fuel to float in the holding tank and it was therefore a challenge to pump the fuel efficiently into the rocket engine. Papell envisioned converting the nonmagnetic rocket fuel into a fuel having magnetic properties so that it could be controlled under zero gravity by powerful magnets or pumped through switching magnetic fields. Papell is credited in literature with the preparation of the first magnetic fluid, based on kerosene. He obtained a US patent in 1965.Learn more about the history of ferrofluid.

We have a number of different suspension liquids we use to prevent ferrofluid from staining. The easiest way for us to collaborate with creators, is to install ferrofluid in a chamber and then ship to the creator to design around. This minimizes R&D for the project and preserves our trade secrets. The suspension liquids are not retail products and are not easy to use. If you have an idea for a display and need some help, shoot us an email on the contact page.

We often find it difficult to describe ferrofluid displays in words; "A magnetic fluid in a bottle" just doesn't do it justice. Seeing it in action is a totally different experience. Watch more videos of ferrofluid on our YouTube channel.

Our displays to allow you to interact with ferrofluid without getting your hands messy! They make for amazing desk toys and even better gifts. Don't worry, they're not flammable and the ingredients are non toxic.

The 'lava' is made of a NASA derived nanotechnology called ferrofluid. Like an ordinary lava lamp, the dark fluid will form blobs that rise and fall on their own by simply turning on the light in the base. Unlike an ordinary lava lamp, you can now interact with the 'lava' with ordinary magnets.

Ships in 2 business days Patented Technology This retro rocket design is an interactive lava lamp made with magnetic liquid first invented at NASA called ferrofluid. The ferrofluid is a composite...

Ships in 2 business days Vibrant colored ferrofluid in a circular bottle. Amaze your friends and distract yourself at the desk with this astonishing magnetic liquid in a bottle. -Includes one magnet....

myelevar.comELEVAR is the only Liquid Ferrofluid Art sculpture available to the general public that is totally automated and activated by a key-sized remote The electronics that run ELEVAR are proprietary and only available with this work. The safety, reliability and beauty of ELEVAR were the top interests when constructing this work. To start ELEVAR, simply press the key-sized remote. The display is programmed to last approximately 2 minutes, then reset to the original start mode for another viewing display. Longer display times are available upon request. The liquid medium for this work is called Ferrofluid. Ferrofluid was developed in 1963 by NASA (National Aeronautics Space Administration) for the Apollo mission to the moon. Faced with a zero gravity environment in outer space, NASA needed a "special blend" of rocket fuel for the lunar module engines. Ferrofluid was developed as an additive to the fuel to accomplish this. Without Ferrofluid, 12 men would never have walked on the moons surface. As you watch ELEVAR ascend and descend in your home display, you are seeing the very same liquid that 52 years ago, was a government top secret. Ferrofluid is a Non-Toxic blend of water, nano scaled particles (1 billionth of a meter) and a carrier liquid such as oil or water. It is now used in items here on earth such as computer hard drive bearings, "high end" fidelity speakers, bio medical devises and many other everyday items. The Artist assures you that ELEVAR will favor any ambiance setting you may have in your home or corporate office lobby. For those wanting a one-of-a kind work, ELEVAR will satisfy any collector of unique artwork. Visit the below link to view the video.

RIZE Spinning Ferrofluid Display: by @mtrdesigns - a colloidal ferromagnetic liquid forms a spiked helix around the threads of a steel bolt in this kinetic sculpture. The bolt contains ferromagnetic iron which channels the field from the strong neodymium magnet in the base and focuses it into the spiral configuration. The curious spiking behavior results from the interplay between magnetic force and surface tension between the liquids.?Special thanks to Matt of MTR Designs studio for this beautiful interactive display.

Colored Ferrofluid Display Cells: spectacular metallic blue, gold, and black display cells by czferro - colloidal ferromagnetic liquids in a specially prepared water-alcohol suspension. Curious behavior results from the interplay between magnetic force and surface tension. The gold and blue coloring appears to be from a thin coating at the boundary between the ferrofluid and the suspension liquid. Still exploring the details of the coloring and the specific makeup of the clear suspension fluid - both trade secrets it seems.

spYke Ferrofluid Display Cell: another spectacular display cell by czferro featuring a colloidal ferromagnetic liquid in a specially prepared water-alcohol suspension. The orange background highlights the curious spiking behavior of the black ferrofluid- a result of the interplay between magnetic force and surface tension between the liquids.

To create his extraterrestrial-appearing masterpiece, Robison decided to come up with a way to show off these unique abilities to maximum visual impact. To activate Rize, users place the sculpture onto its magnetic base, which has the effect of magnetizing the giant screw in the center of the sculpture and causing the ferrofluid to spin around it hypnotically.

Ferrofluid is a liquid that becomes magnetized when it's in a magnetic field. It's made with tiny particles that contain iron, mixed with a liquid. Artists Sachiko Kodama has harnessed its creepy powers to make incredible changing sculptures.

PLEASE NOTE: Ferrofluid will evaporate when exposed to the open air. As the ferrofluid evaporates, the fluid loses some of its magnetic properties. Any sculptures created will lose their jagged edges. Also, please be sure to replace the bottle cap when not in use. This Ferrofluid is intended as a teaching tool or for amusement only, it should not be used in delicate loudspeaker applications.

The basic trick to creating a ferrofluid is to make the magnetic nanoparticles so tiny they naturally spread throughout the carrier fluid, rather than settling out of it, and to coat them with a surfactant that prevents them from clumping together.

Since around 2000, a small but growing number of artists around the world, including Ilic, have begun using ferrofluids to create striking visual displays. They have faced some technical hurdles, though, such as the problem of staining.

In 2011, he started the online, Hamburg, New Jersey-based business Concept Zero. The site sells glass displays of various shapes and sizes, each filled with his clear suspension fluid and a small amount of black ferrofluid. When a magnet is placed close to a display, the dark fluid leaps into a hemisphere of spikes that follows the magnet around the glass.

Are you looking to make a Ferrofluid sculpture, do you need Ferrofluid to perform various scientific experiments? You can now buy Ferrofluid in bulk in Canadian dollars! Note that we only sell Ferro fluid within Canada.

PLEASE NOTE: Ferrofluid will evaporate when exposed to the open air. As the ferrofluid evaporates, the fluid loses some of its magnetic properties. Any sculptures created will lose their jagged edges. Also, please be sure to replace the bottle cap when not in use. This Ferrofluid is intended as a teaching tool or for amusement only, it should not be used in delicate loudspeaker applications.

Ferroflow is an art display that creates amazing visual experiences using ferrofluid and varying magnetic fields. Ferrofluid (a portmanteau of ferromagnetic and fluid) is a liquid that becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. It was invented in 1963 by NASA as a prototype rocket fuel that could be drawn toward a pump inlet using magnets in zero gravity. By utilizing patent pending technology Ferroflow is able to manipulate the ferrofluid into amazing organic shapes and fluid movements. The movements created by Ferroflow are mesmerizing, and it will be the center of attention wherever it's displayed.

Killing Time combines Mesplé's iconic use of ferrofluid and signature metalwork for an entirely new viewer experience. As a viewer approaches, a sensor detects their presence and triggers the handmade electromagnet to begin a curated sequence; drawing and releasing the ferrofluid with breath-like motions.

Kinetic sculpture is brought to life using magnetically responsive ferrofluid. When a viewer approaches, the ferrofluid bulges into a circle on the outside of the sphere that follows motion closest to the sculpture. When someone gets closer to the piece the sculpture loses interest in the previous viewer and begins following the next.

Blending bronze sculpture with real-time processing and ultrasonic sensors, reflective black ferrofluid begins to drown the emerging skull as the viewer nears. The artist custom built the electromagnet and mapped its force to direct the fluid to rise only in specific areas.

Matt Robison has created a new ferrofluid sculpture named RIZE which is now available to purchase and can take pride of place on your desktop in your home or office. The unique spinning ferrofluid sculpture is now available to back with pledges starting from just $99 for Kickstarter early birds. The hand made artwork has been designed to create stunning visual displays using ferrofluid and directed magnetic fields.Watch the video below to learn more about the shapes and sculptures the spinning RIZE ferrofluid sculpture can create. 041b061a72


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