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What Is The Best Truck To Buy _TOP_

A veteran 40+ years truck driver shares 10 of the all time, tried and true truck driving safety tips ALL professional truckers should know AND follow!If every driver of EVERY vehicle on the road followed these safety tips, our roads would be SO much safer.

what is the best truck to buy

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Truck drivers know the impact a new semi truck can have on their success as a driver. The best semi trucks for truck drivers is a heated debate with each driver having their favorite. Though, you should know that you can't go wrong if you're driving or buying a semi truck in our Top 5 list. In this blog post, we will look into why each semi truck belongs in the Top 5, as well as the drawbacks of each.

You can expect to see Freightliner on every list comparing the best semi trucks for truck drivers. It's for good reason too because they are one of the nicest trucks for truck drivers in the US, with a market share of 40%! The Freightliner engine comes equipped with anywhere from 350-600 horsepower and up to 2050 lb of torque, which allows drivers to haul a variety of loads. Known to be aerodynamically efficient, Freightliners help you save money with fuel efficiency. They also cost less and provide top features that drivers expect from Peterbilts and Kenworths. With a great build quality and more accessible price, it's easy to see why the Freightliner is the best semi truck for truck drivers in 2022.

Kenworths are 18 wheeler trucks built by truckers for truckers. They have experienced drivers who advise on the design and features of their semi trucks. Kenworth semi trucks are known for making the driver's day on the road less stressful with their smooth navigational technology. They also have a reputation among truck drivers as one of the most reliable semi trucks and with lower operating and maintenance costs. While Kenworth semi truck models are heavier and less fuel-efficient, this gives them the sturdy feel that truck drivers love. If you are interested in a Kenworth, you should know that most drivers prefer the Cummins engine over others. It's also interesting to know that Kenworths are manufactured by PACCAR, the same parent company that makes Peterbilt 18 wheelers!

Though not as common in the US, Volvo is known to be an international leader in quality semi trucks. Volvos are the 5th most popular semi truck manufacturers in the US but are #2 in the world. And for good reason too, Volvos come from the same company that makes Mack trucks and have an excellent support network. It's hard to beat a Volvo for durability, performance, and comfort. Volvos are known to be more fuel-efficient and easier to drive because they're generally lighter and smaller in size. Volvo comes with cutting-edge technology such as dynamic steering, which gives additional torque to the steering column. This causes the steering wheel to return to neutral with ease and prevents crosswinds from moving the steering wheel.

Peterbilts are classic American semi trucks, and for style, there's no topping their iconic long nose. Peterbilt has two non-electric Class 8 semi truck models, Model 389 and 579. Both are high quality but they do differ from each other in looks. Model 389 has a more classic look and the 579 goes for a more modern design that makes significant aerodynamic improvements, with increased fuel efficiency. The Model 579 also has predictive cruise control, which improves fuel efficiency, and has the largest mattress you will find, making the Peterbilt one of the semi trucks with big sleepers! If you want to join Peterbilt's loyal fanbase, you can expect a lighter and more fuel-efficient ride thanks to the aluminum body. Made by PACCAR, the same semi truck manufacturers that manufacture Kenworth semi trucks, you can also expect a high-quality build and parts.

As long as you avoid the International Prostar with the MaxxForce engine, which is known for severe breakdown issues, you can expect a good-looking and quality truck on the road. Historically, International semi trucks have been known for power and performance. Their Class 8 semi truck models include the Lonestar and the LT Series and were designed with the driver's comfort in mind. Drivers enjoy a pleasant driving experience thanks to the handling that International has become known for. Add increased safety due to improved front and side visibility and it's easy to understand why International semi trucks belong in the top 5 best semi trucks for truck drivers in 2022.

You've made it to the end of our guide for the Top 5 Best Semi Trucks for Truck Drivers in 2022! You now have a solid understanding of which semi trucks are the best and the reasons why. Don't forget that the best semi trucks among drivers are based on the driver's needs and preferences. So while you might think that a semi truck is the best commercial truck, don't get into a verbal tussle with a driver at the truck stop over preference!

Speaking of preference, at MigWay we prefer the Freightliner Cascadia and the Volvo semi trucks because we've learned that's what keeps our drivers and mechanics happy. Both are driver favorites because they offer a smooth ride, plenty of torque, reliably handle tough terrain, and make long hours on the road more comfortable for drivers!

If you're looking for a trucking company with new and safe semi trucks, MigWay is a perfect choice. We offer drivers a safe driving experience and the opportunity to take their professional driving careers to the next level.

Merchants Fleet has worked directly with the top names in work trucks for over 50 years. Read on for our picks of the best models for each work truck Class and vans, as well as tips to choose the best work truck for your business.

There are just some jobs that are better done with a truck. Compared to smaller vehicles, work trucks provide greater towing and payload capabilities, and are built to withstand long hauls and lengthy road trips.

All trucks are classified by their gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). This is a safety standard that regulates the maximum safe operating weight of a truck to prevent overloading. The manufacturer of the vehicle sets the GVWR by considering the weight-bearing components like the axels, and weaker components such as the frame, body, suspension, and tires. The final GVWR of a truck includes the net weight of the vehicle plus passengers, fuel, and cargo.

Although it is on the more expensive side of our list of Class 1 trucks, the Tacoma offers six different models to choose from and each one is incredibly versatile. Off-roading features include an electronically locking rear differential, hill start assist control, multi-terrain monitor, and crawl control.

Chevy Silverado 1500The Chevy Silverado 1500 comes in eight different trims, each with its own distinct grille and wheel design. Whichever trim you choose, the Silverado is a traditional, rugged work truck that can handle off-roading and towing.

The F-150 features a six-speed automatic transmission for the basic work truck trim and a quick-shifting 10-speed automatic transmission for trims with more powerful engine options. For all trims, a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot comes standard.

The 2500HD features an increased ride height and seating position, which is to be expected from a massive, heavy duty work truck. And speaking of heavy duty, this GMC model boasts one of the highest maximum towing capacities in its class at 35,500 lbs.

RAM 3500Car and Driver rates the RAM 3500 as having the best interior in its Class, smooth ride quality, and the hauling capabilities of a big rig. As a beefed up version of the 2500, this model has a maximum towing capacity of 35,100 lbs. and a maximum payload of 7,680 lbs.

International DuraStarThe International DuraStar is an indestructible Class 6 work truck. Applicable vocations include anything from fire and rescue to streets and sanitation.

Ford F-750The Ford F-750 comes standard with a 6.8L Triton V10 gas engine, which has a lower purchase price than diesel. This engine can easily power your Class 7 work truck with 320 horsepower and 460 lbs./ft. of torque.

International WorkStarThe International WorkStar is a lightweight heavyweight. The single-frame rail system means you will have a lighter chassis, but the WorkStar still delivers a tough performance. This Class 8 work truck is used for everything from construction and concrete mixers, to snow plows, utility, and beyond.

Freightliner CascadiaThe Cascadia Class 8 work truck offers 350 to 605 horsepower and up to 2,050 lbs./ft. of torque. Manual transmissions range from nine-speed to 18-speed, but you will also have the option of an automated manual or automatic transmission.

Ford Transit Cargo VanAs one of the best-selling vans in America, the Ford Transit is equipped with plenty of room for racks, bins, storage utility, equipment, tools and anything else you could need. Several vehicle configuration options are available, including:

The 2013 Toyota Tacoma equipped with a 2.7-liter inline-four boasts 25 mpg. They have a blue book value of around $14,000 and can come with a manual transmission. Towing goes up to 3,500 pounds and they only make around 160 horsepower but, for basic trucking and general truck merriment, the Tacoma is a solid choice.

With a full truck bed and a trailer filled with motorcycles (well, probably two at the most), the Tacoma can still easily and comfortably reach freeway speeds without breaking a sweat. Of course, if you do all of that the mileage will go down.

Dodge's RAM division had high hopes for this truck, advertising it as a 30 MPG economical workhorse. With a 240 horsepower 3.0-liter diesel engine that only gets marginally better mileage than the previous RAM, one has to wonder why you should get this truck over the former. Drive both and see which one you like. The engines are different, so it's possible the 3.0-liter engine performs smoother and better. It all depends on your preference. But as another decent MPG truck, it's a solid option. 041b061a72


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