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Background: Dizzy is the half-gear, half-human playable character from the fighting game series Guilty Gear. Her gear cells allow her to mature at a rapid rate, as well as absorb and process information far better than a human. Despite appearances, she is in fact only 8 years old. Possessing an honest heart and a love of nature and humanity, she strongly opposes conflict, while still understanding that destruction is a part of the cycle of life. Her sentient wings Necro and Undine protect her in battle, whether she wishes them to or not.



The prototype Gear and main character of the Guilty Gear series. He sports a new look, and 3D versions of some special attacks. Many people say that Sol's gear form is finally revealed but Sol's Dragon Install has evolved into having a form that resembles a gear when it is not his full gear form. In the game Raven discusses with That Man about Sol's Dragon Install becoming stronger as it evolves.

Sol's longtime rival. He has grown since the previous games and is now King of a place called Illyuria. He sports a new sword and 3D versions of his attacks. It is later revealed in the game that Fuuraiken is being used to help keep Ky's love (a gear) alive as she is disappearing from existence.

There's no need for feeling guilty about still liking 2D fighting games in this day and age. Though the genre has seen few changes since the release of Capcom's Street Fighter II a decade ago, the fighting game remains characterized by its fast, responsive gameplay and competitive spirit--features that will never go out of style. Guilty Gear X, a visually impressive and altogether very Japanese fighting game, is good evidence that the genre isn't going anywhere, for better or worse. The game's bizarre yet likable characters, familiar mechanics, and colorful, high-resolution graphics can make it a lot of fun for fans of previous 2D fighting games. At the same time, Guilty Gear X offers little that hasn't been done before--not that its tried-and-true concepts don't make for fun matches.

I just found out what Chimaki's role in the guilty gear series is via guilty gear wiki. He is a stuffed animal owned by a playable character called Sin who only appeared in Guilty gear: overture. Chimaki is important to Sin and he always carries Chimaki with him. 041b061a72


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