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Where To Buy Tom Ford Cologne

The head honcho needs confidence, and in terms of cologne, he needs to cast a radius as smart and sophisticated as him. (Or, as he believes himself to be.) Ombré Leather plays to its name with a commanding leather base, rounded by vetiver and broadened by patchouli.

where to buy tom ford cologne

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Métallique is grossly underrated in the Tom Ford lineup, especially as a scent for men. It blends floral notes with crisp bergamot, spicy pink peppercorn, and a strong, creamy vanilla-sandalwood base. It's one of the brand's more "classic" scents in terms of its wear, with a universally pleasing cast (and a unisex friendly one at that). I think that people expect all Tom Ford fragrances to scream and shout, whereas this one plays by the rules and earns perfect marks for it.

You not only get the main note, but also, a nice juicy raspberry, and an amazing saffron. Tuscan Leather has got a very similar smell to, Godolphin by Parfums de Marly, which is another awesome cologne.

A note from the brand: To Tom Ford, this scent perfectly captures the cool breezes, sparkling clear water and lush foliage of the Italian Rivera. His reinvention of a classic eau de cologne features crisp citrus oils, surprising floral notes and amber undertones to leave a splashy yet substantive impression.

I believe that Ombre Leather is the best marketing decision Tom Ford has ever done. First, Ombre Leather 2016 was very close to Tuscan Leather with the same price point, and it got discontinued in favor of placing it into a new release as a Signature line fragrance for an affordable price.

The compositions are tight, blended to perfection, and punch way above the price point. I recommend starting with this collection if you are new to the brand to get the gist and idea of where to go next.

FRESHFresh family is the most crowd-pleasing of them all, and the only one that equally leans both on the masculine and feminine side. Perfumes have never been more affordable and accessible than they are now, and fresh scents are dominating the market since the early 90s.

Tom Ford is a designer perfume brand that offers affordable and expensive perfumes. Signature collection targeted to a more mainstream audience, while Private Blend line is more expensive with higher-quality ingredients and is loved by fragrance enthusiasts.

Trishna Rikhy is the Associate Style Commerce Editor at Esquire. Previously, her writing has appeared in Vogue Runway, PAPER Magazine, V Magazine, V MAN, and more. She is based in NYC, but can probably be found wherever the strongest cup of coffee is.

On 27 February 2006, having already started his brand, Black Orchid, the name for Ford's new fragrance with Estée Lauder Companies was made public.[29] Described as "a women's fragrance...full of surprises" by Women's Wear Daily, its launch was planned for the following November, to be "beyond the parameters of a usual fragrance launch."[30] Black Orchid by Tom Ford Beauty, as officially named, and manufactured by Esteé Lauder Companies, was finally released on 15 November.[31] On 24 July, Ford held one-on-one meetings with editors from elite fashion publications where he presented the fragrance, which was described as "the anchor of what will become the Ford flotilla of fragrance and cosmetics initiatives."[32]

Black Orchid was launched on 2 November 2006 at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store,[48] where Ford arrived to recommend strategies to the sales associates. Saks, as well as Neiman Marcus and Holt Renfrew stores, limited to a total of 50, started selling the fragrance on Sunday, 5 November.[38] The night of the 2 November, an after-launch party occurred at Top of the Rock, with celebrities such as Damon Dash, Margherita Missoni, Stavros Niarchos, Zac Posen, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Carine Roitfeld, Rachel Roy, Donatella Versace, Olivia Wilde and Rachel Zoe in attendance.[45][49][50] For the event, black curtains were installed at the venue and doused with the perfume.[46]

Tom Ford Cologne We house a selection of Tom Ford cologne with variety in mind for your individual scent preferences. Tom Ford Cologne Fragrances

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