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[S7E12] The Aftermath: Part Two

60 Days In following seven innocent participants who enter the dangerous world of incarceration at the Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville, Indiana, in an effort to expose internal issues and what really happens behind bars. As a result of the facility's recent corrupt history, Sheriff Jamey Noel has devised a program where seven participants will live among the facility's general population for 60 days without officers, fellow inmates, or staff knowing their secret. Around-the-clock cameras captured this unparalleled access in an effort to bring problems to light and give viewers a first-hand look as the participants adapt to unfamiliar and terrifying surroundings. 60 Days In is a warts-and-all view of what life is like behind bars, through the eyes of people who have never been charged with a crime or done time.

[S7E12] The Aftermath: Part Two

Carlos learns why he was removed from the program early; Darius struggles to keep peace in the pod; The serenity within the women's pod is shattered; the three remaining participants meet with the sheriff to debrief him on what they've discovered.

Julie and Shay Kemp discuss Chapter 10 of Volume 6 where Charlotte Mason gives us the "how" of teaching history and citizenship as well as reasons that these two subjects are vital parts of a child's education.

Charlotte Mason stressed the importance of allowing children free time to pursue their own interests. Many homeschoolers schedule too long for lessons that spill right over into the afternoon. This is why short lessons in the morning with afternoon free for other important work and skills is such a valuable part of the Charlotte Mason education.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, parties, church events, out of town guests, and HOMESCHOOLING!!! Oh my! It can seem so overwhelming this time of year to try and do ALL the things. In this super timely episode, Julie Ross shares a few practical tips to homeschool during this holiday season without loosing your mind.

Fall, with its changing leaves and lovely weather, is a delightful time for nature exploration. In this episode, Jeannie chats with Cindy West of No Sweat Nature Study. Together they discuss some practical ways for making nature study a regular part of your day. They also share some unique ways you can make fall and winter nature study an exciting and educational time for your whole family. From bringing nature indoors with object study and recruiting expert teachers from the extension office to counting nature study as your complete science curriculum, Cindy and Jeannie ignite the imagination for making nature study simple and streamlined for the whole family.

Living books are a vital and necessary part of a living education. They are full of ideas and personality that sparks the imagination, imparting interest in the subject, and building a love for learning. But how do you know if a book is a living book? How do you tell a living from a dead book? Jeannie Fulbright shares the way you can tell almost immediately if a book is a living book. She gives examples from living books and twaddle. By implementing the method Jeannie describes, you can easily identify a living book.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can make homeschooling difficult, and in this episode Shay Kemp shares with Julie Ross strategies and resources that helped her family deal with this particular challenge and find ways to grieve and still find joy in homeschooling.

Our authority as parents and their obedience as children are a natural part of the parent and child relationship. That is a natural and necessary dynamic. The most important part of this principle is that she says the word: BUT. We have authority, they are expected to be obedient...but, there's more to that story!

Bellamy deserved to really have a personal journey and the room to explore what that meant. Instead, he is being rushed along because the narrative needs him to end up in a particular place in time for the series finale. His legacy and his relationships with all the other characters are suffering as a result.

It is discouraging because the audience is willing to go on any journey that Bellamy is on, but at the same time, this isn't for him. Everything that Bellamy is is torn apart, and if he is dying in a few episodes, then it is even more upsetting that this is all The 100 thinks he is worthy of.

On the same wave, Bellamy forgets that he was in the same position that Clarke was. He didn't believe in any of this, and he wanted to see proof before he could support anything blindly. He got it, and now he is struggling to explain it to his partner.

As Clarke fights again MCAP though Bellamy can't watch, instead suggesting to Cadogan that maybe she doesn't know its location. This is a constant effort on Bellamy's part to shift the narrative to match what he wants Cadogan to do.

He mentioned to Raven and Echo that they are listening, which wouldn't be a concern for someone who is part of Bardo. Then he manipulated Cadogan with the flame. He tried to get Clarke's torture to stop by telling Cadogan she must not know where it is.

Peter Gunz is in a good mood following Tara's birthday party and catches up with his Creep Squad members for a friendly game of pool. Gunz also makes the announcement of Cisco's reinstatement into the crew DJ Self is initially resistant to the news, but ultimately agrees to sit down with Cisco and squash their differences.

Bianca has decided to go out to the club with Cardi B and Mariahlynn, but Yandy is unhappy with Bianca's actions and the fact that she's in the club instead of working hard on her craft. When Yandy approaches Bianca about her partying, Cardi and Mariah feel that she's being a little too hard on Bianca and that she should be more understanding. Yandy ultimately chooses to concede and allow Bianca to enjoy her night out, but says that work will be a top priority moving forward.

With Juju previewing her book, which is about to be published, she has given all of the women on vacation excerpts so she can get their feedback on the book. Yandy has taken issue with being blindsided with material about her own life that she didn't know was going to be in the book. But Juju claims that the story wasn't about Yandy in particular and that it was a situation she drew from past experiences with her, but Yandy remains skeptical about Juju's explanation, which angers Juju even more.

The second part in the two-part Season 7 finale is a cross between sad and tense. With JJ (AJ Cook) terrified about the safety of her fiance and son, Will (Josh Stewart) and Henry (Mekhai Andersen) at the hands of the team of unsubs.

Dean is struggling to play it cool after finding himself face-to-face with his childhood hero. But the stress of being stranded in the 40s is definitely starting to get to him. Which is how he discovers that being a hunter isn't the only hidden part of Eliot Ness' identity never meant for the history books.

Now, if you changed it to someone like Twilight or Princess Celestia, I feel like that would give Discord a bit more motivation to do some cleaning up. I went with Twilight since Season 7 already placed a greater focus on Princess Celestia with "Celestial Advice" and "A Royal Problem" (and even to an extent the beginning and end of "Shadow Play") and considering I expanded both episodes into two parters in my last rewrite volume I felt it would be best to give Princess Celestia a break (especially since she would go on to get her own focus episode a season later in "Horse Play").

"Oh, but I haven't even told you the best part yet," Discord said to Fluttershy in between fits of laughter. "So I noticed my some of my limbs were missing, but they weren't anywhere I could see. When I went to look for them again though, they were on the ceiling. Can you believe it?! Of all the places they could've ended up, it had to be there."

But just then, another version of Discord tapped his counterpart on the shoulder. "Not that I mean to interrupt this 'wonderful' conversation you're having, but aren't you forgetting something?" He asked as he eyed a watch mounted on his right wrist.

"I panicked, I didn't know what else to do! But Spike's already put the date on Twilight's calendar and it'd be rude to just back out like this," The spirit confessed. "All I can hope for is that despite my inexperience with hosting any kind of parties, I can throw a nice enough tea party for Twilight so then I can finally say I didn't mess things up with her for once. Is that too much to hope for: maybe. Am I gonna try anyway because I'm just that kind of guy: probably. Will I succeed: Well that's the fun part. And fun by I mean terrifying!" 041b061a72


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