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Vengeance Is Mine [WORK]

What is fascinating about this chapter is who Moses is speaking to. The Israelites are about to enter into the promised land and Moses is giving them a history lesson and a warning. The vengeance that God is referring to is not directed at the enemies of Israel, but towards the enemies within Israel. Those that would turn their hearts from the true and living God towards other gods or idols. By doing this, especially because they have the truth, they are provoking God to anger. Without repentance and because they know better, eventually God will bring about punishment or retribution.

Vengeance Is Mine

When God brings vengeance, his heart is not to just get back at people. He is executing justice. Because God is just, where there is wrong or sin committed, then justice must be served. Whenever God would bring judgment on a people it is because their sin had reached a point where he could no longer hold it back. This is not a byproduct of a need for revenge. It is a reality of a God who is just. His vengeance always flows from a place of justice, not a place of revenge.

When it comes to vengeance, it may appear that some things may go unpunished. But this is not true. All sin gets punished and all vengeance is exacted. The question is who will God pour out his vengeance on. Remember his vengeance is a result of his just nature. Let me explain further because I know you might be confused.

If I had to put a bow on this article it would simply be this. There is no better place for vengeance to be than with God. It is rightfully his and it should stay that way. Ultimately it will be what is most fair for everyone. God has proven himself to not only be a just God but also a fair God. You can be certain when God is exacting vengeance it is always right, always appropriate and always just.

God says that vengeance is His, not ours. While we do have a law system, any system that doesn't abide by Scripture is not God-approved. And God has not approved of us taking personal revenge on people.

Taking into account both ideas and what God says about sin, we can conclude that vengeance is not wrong, but how we enact our emotions can be. God feels anger, but God is good. We feel anger, but we are not always good.

Relying on God for vengeance does not mean we should abolish our law system. Having laws and consequences is what the Jews had too. Jesus never asked that we abolish all laws. In fact, America was built on Judeo-Christian values which have been imbued in our law system. For example, we know that murder, rape, and theft are wrong because of the Bible, not because of societal standards. Not all societies consider those actions wrong. What was taught in the Bible became law, though that has been changing for the worse in some parts of the country.

Later, Tiger Claw reports back to the Shredder, stating that he has scoured the city in search of Karai and has ordered some Foot-Bots to keep up the search and return to him with every detail. After Tiger Claw reveals that, so far, he has turned up empty-handed, the Shredder tells his minion that his efforts are pointless and that he was always counting on Karai's escape. He then goes on to state that Karai will probably arrive with Splinter and his pupils to finish what they have started, which would allow the Shredder to have his vengeance. The Shredder then demands Tiger Claw to tell Stockman-Fly of the situation.

Karai drops from the very edge of the tank, and Splinter frees himself so that he can catch her in his two arms. She is now a swift viper-like creature with hands that resemble miniature versions of her reptilian head. During the following chaos, some oil is leaked all over the ground and it comes into contact with electricity from a destroyed Foot-Bot, causing a large fire to ignite. The Shredder immediately tries to pin the blame on Splinter for Karai's mutation, and Splinter bears a furious expression on his face as the Shredder charges at him. However, the Shredder is halted when a large piece of the cieling caves in, separating him from his enemy. Tiger Claw walks up to the Shredder, telling him that they have to retreat. Shredder harshly tells him to leave him alone with his despair, Tiger Claw tells him that Splinter will suffer for what is happened today with Karai and they should retreat proudly. He then questions Tiger Claw's statement, as, for the first time in years, he feels like he really has been defeated. Karai, one of the few people he's ever grown fond of, is now mutated, and he refuses to take responsibilty for his own act. Once again, he creates a new vow of vengeance, before finding a gap in the debris and disappearing into it. Meanwhile, Karai 'awakens' after her transformation, continuing to unleash her rage on every one around her. She wraps her tail around Splinter's body, thinking him to be food, but Splinter decides to quickly remind her that he is her father and this instantly causes her to release him from her grasp, before spitting venom right between Raph's eyes and then slithering out of a nearby window in guilt. All of them are then forced to escape before Baxter's laboratory goes up in flames. 041b061a72


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