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Anime Burning Sky Live Wallpaper BETTER

Before the incident, Shido seems to have met Origami, who lived in the same district, since she claimed to know him when they first met at the school while Shido couldn't recall anything about their meeting. During the events of Tobiichi Devil, it is later revealed that this is because Origami met the future Shido, who traveled back five years to the past using Kurumi's and eventually shrunk his body with Natsumi's power to find out the reason for Origami's Inversion. After saving the 11-year-old Origami from being crushed by a part of a burning building, Shido comforts Origami, who was on the verge of despair. He told her that she could give anything to him, as long as she doesn't feel despair. Origami replied that she would give him her tears, smile, happiness, enjoyment, and everything except her anger towards the Spirit who killed her parents.

Anime Burning Sky Live Wallpaper

Fire is motivating, but also relaxing. Think about the feeling spent staring into the fire at a campsite or at your home. This wallpaper is simple and shows an active flame burning against a dark background. 041b061a72


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