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The official name for the encoding is UTF-8, the spelling used in all Unicode Consortium documents. Most standards officially list it in upper case as well, but all that do are also case-insensitive and utf-8 is often used in code.[citation needed]



You can use the /utf-8 option to specify both the source and execution character sets as encoded by using UTF-8. It's equivalent to specifying /source-charset:utf-8 /execution-charset:utf-8 on the command line. Any of these options also enables the /validate-charset option by default. For a list of supported code page identifiers and character set names, see Code Page Identifiers.

By default, Visual Studio detects a byte-order mark to determine if the source file is in an encoded Unicode format, for example, UTF-16 or UTF-8. If no byte-order mark is found, it assumes that the source file is encoded in the current user code page, unless you've specified a code page by using /utf-8 or the /source-charset option. Visual Studio allows you to save your C++ source code in any of several character encodings. For information about source and execution character sets, see Character sets in the language documentation.

in iso-8859-1), this increases the probability that a utf-8-sig encoding can becorrectly guessed from the byte sequence. So here the BOM is not used to be ableto determine the byte order used for generating the byte sequence, but as asignature that helps in guessing the encoding. On encoding the utf-8-sig codecwill write 0xef, 0xbb, 0xbf as the first three bytes to the file. Ondecoding utf-8-sig will skip those three bytes if they appear as the firstthree bytes in the file. In UTF-8, the use of the BOM is discouraged andshould generally be avoided.

Python comes with a number of codecs built-in, either implemented as C functionsor with dictionaries as mapping tables. The following table lists the codecs byname, together with a few common aliases, and the languages for which theencoding is likely used. Neither the list of aliases nor the list of languagesis meant to be exhaustive. Notice that spelling alternatives that only differ incase or use a hyphen instead of an underscore are also valid aliases; therefore,e.g. 'utf-8' is a valid alias for the 'utf_8' codec.

I would start by doing cat utf-8-file (cat and bash will pass this file unchanged to the terminal, (well actually to stty, stty will convert newline to carrage return, newline etc.)) if this displays the file properly then gnome-terminal is setup. (This so far is all I have ever done, as I use utf-8 in english; it was already set up in Ubuntu 10.10 and Debian 6 for me). So then just to set up bash etc.

I have created CSV using apex with special character. If I download the CSV file from object it will opened correctly in CSV editor. But it had junk value in Excel. What is the problem with that. I have changed utf-8 in Excel also. But Still i have the same problem. 041b061a72


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