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Daniel Grigoriev
Daniel Grigoriev

How to Download, Install and Use Diagbox 7.02 for Your PSA Vehicles

Inside the distribution: DiagBox V7.02 Already patched.iso - iso-image with software Update folder with updates. Setup Drivers DiagBox - driver. PSA Interface Checker Install - program to change the firmware interface XS Evolution. Psa_Dam_Org_Build_Code - DAM number calculator by date of manufacture cars and vice versa. TLCDfix - utility to disable the code request encoding

diagbox 7.02

Year / Date of Release: 2013 Version: 7.02 System requirements: Windows 32/64 Language: Multilingual Extras. Information: Videomanual installation on YouTube from scarymistake: Installation manualPassword to install updates "scary01". The patch does not need anything, everything is done.


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