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Buying Land In South Carolina

Obtain a survey of the property to know where your property lines are. Most banks require a survey in order to finance the land. A survey may be on file in the county deed records; if not, have a survey performed so you have a record of what you are buying. Next, use the survey to try to locate the property lines. Lines could be marked with concrete or wooden markers, paint marks ontrees or posted signs. If lines are not clearly marked, have a surveyor permanently mark the lines. Additionally, find out what is happening on the property around you. Are there plans for development? Are you next to a farm or other business? Know what to expect should you buy and move to the property.

buying land in south carolina


Buying land in South Carolina is a process that requires research and the aid of professionals, such as a surveyor and lender. Since buying land is different than buying a house, it can be a complex process

Buying land in South Carolina is more difficult than buying a house, since there is no dwelling attached. Lenders consider land a high-risk investment since a buyer may walk way easier from raw land without a dwelling. Contact a bank where you have an account or have developed a relationship to request financing. The Bank of South Carolina offers financing in the state. A bank provides in-house financing options that do not require approval from an underwriter. However, prepare to pay 10 to 20 percent down when buying land in South Carolina.

For those buying several acres, say 50 or 100 as an example, Carolina Farm Credit does not require a survey on the portion that the house will be built on. This is the case whether you obtain a land loan or a home construction loan.

If you are considering buying land in Western North Carolina, the Blue Ridge Mountains are by far the most beautiful and tranquil part of the state to consider. A home in the mountains gives you the chance to slow down the pace of life and enjoy the grandeur of nature. If you are going to make this move, you need to consider a home with a view. Here are some reasons why a home with a view is well worth the investment.

Buying waterfront land requires different considerations than buying land-locked property. Regulations concerning wetlands, elevation, water quality and land management can come into play. Additionally, insurance requirements can be very different for waterfront property in South Carolina. Our agents specialize in rural waterfront land for sale, and we can help you with all the ins and outs of buying waterfront property in South Carolina. 041b061a72


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