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Panzer General 2 Download PC Game

You are a Panzer general who has to win the war by conquering different lands and driving the enemy away. Panzer General 2 is a turn-based strategy game that was probably the inspiration for the map campaigns in the Total War games. You may play through scenarios that happened during World War II, and you may play fictional scenarios by utilizing the game and map editor.

Panzer General 2 Download PC Game


The controls seem to act like something built in the 1940s. They get the job done with a minimum of fuss, but they are clunky at times. The process of requisitioning new troops or equipment requires you to click on too many screens. However, what they lack in finesse they make up for in simplicity, generally contributing to the speed of the game.

Although the game was shipped with quite a few bugs, most of them were hammered out by the version 1.01 patch (which is the download file here). There is really nothing wrong with the game I can think of, except perhaps the fact that missions playing as the US side are less interesting and varied than playing as the Germans.

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This Fun and Innovative Strategy Game Looks as Good as it Plays!The year is 1939, and you're a German general with a fresh command in Poland. Lead your core group of units well, and it could transform into an overwhelming force that plows its way through to the Eastern Front.With continued success and experience, you could even end up on the shores of England by 1940 -- or in America by 1945! Anything can happen. Be prepared. This game will challenge and stimulate your mind.

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