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My Stepmother Is An Alien (1988) ((LINK))

Steven Mills is a widowed scientist working on different ways to send radio waves into deep space. After he sends a radio wave out of the galaxy, it hits a planet (Cosine N to the 8th), causing a disruption of gravity on the planet. Celeste is sent to investigate who could have done it and how it was done, believing it was an attack. She is aided by a device called Bag: an alien tentacle with a single eye and a mind of its own disguised as a designer purse. Bag is able to create any object, such as diamonds and designer dresses, almost instantaneously. Celeste crashes a party hosted by Steven's brother, Ron, and immediately draws attention to herself by making outdated references to TV shows and political slogans under the mistaken belief that they are current (information that had actually taken 92 years to get from Earth to her home world).

My Stepmother is an Alien (1988)


Celeste's inexperience almost results in her exposing herself as alien as she struggles with simple tasks such as cooking and trying to kiss for the first time. She goes home with Steven and spends the night (after Bag teaches her what sex is, which she greatly enjoys). Jessie, Steven's 13-year-old daughter, is at first happy that her father has found someone (her mother having died five years previously), but becomes suspicious when she observes Celeste eating the acid out of batteries and pulling eggs out of boiling hot water with her bare hands. However, she cannot convince her smitten father that something is unusual about Celeste. When Celeste tells him that she must leave in 24 hours, he impulsively proposes, and she accepts. Ron also has his doubts about Celeste and tries to dissuade Steven from marrying her on the idea she is an illegal immigrant or planning economic espionage, but then admits he is just jealous his brother has found his dream girl, whereas he will never find a girl like Princess Stéphanie of Monaco.

Celeste begins enjoying life as a human as she encounters new experiences such as sneezing and love. When Jessie finally confronts her about being an extraterrestrial, Celeste admits her home world has no emotion and that she plans to depart once she gets Steven to recreate the radio signal and send it (which she says will reverse the gravity problems on her world). However, she begins to question her decisions when Jessie says it will devastate her father, for whom Celeste has now developed feelings. After Jessie argues with Steven, she runs away and is nearly hit by a car but is saved by Celeste, revealing her powers. Steven accepts that Celeste is indeed an alien and that she has fallen in love with him and sees Jessie as her own daughter. He further ingratiates her to human society by showing her how to eat real food.

"My Stepmother Is an Alien" tells the story of an eccentric physicist (Aykroyd) who harnesses the power of lightning to send a beam to another galaxy. The response is a visit to Earth by a spaceship bearing Basinger as an alien who takes human form but never gets it quite right. She materializes on the beach, saunters into a party being given by Aykroyd's brother and starts to nibble on the cigarette butts.

1988's My Stepmother is an Alien is a very strange movie that could only have been made in the 1980s. Part lusty sex comedy, part sincere family tale, it never really figures out what it wants to be. Its greatest success, and the reason to view the movie all these years later, is for the powerhouse performance from Kim Basinger. Coming just two years after her steamy, career-making turn in 9 1/2 Weeks, this movie takes a pretty big risk on Basinger, who must not only look stunning, but also be funny. Her comedic skills were not a known quantity in 1988, but lucky for us, she's hilarious. Playing up the fish-out-of-water (or alien-out-of-space) theme perfectly, Basinger soars as an intergalactic being who must convince a physicist to share his research with her so she can save her cosmic home. As she mingles at parties and tries to fit in with customs that are totally new to her, she's discovering everything for the first time with wonder and confusion. The 1990s sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun would mine the same comedic goldmine, but one has to wonder how influential Basinger's turn was on everything that came afterward.

Possibly the pinnacle of 80's misogyny as the family friendly sounding film My Stepmother is an Alien is actually about Dan Ackroyd trying to fuck the "born sexy yesterday" alien in Kim Basinger form. The daughter who you assume would be the protagonist based on the title is a twelve year old Alyson Hannigan who is so on board with her dad getting laid. The shifting perspective is one of the reasons the film is so erratic but it's not like any of these people are characters. Everyone is driven by their id as all men can't control their boners when Basinger walks in the room and even when she acts like a moron eating cigarettes and smoking a carrot, she's still irresistible. It's only all the more uncomfortable that the daughter as well as her friends (one being Juliette Lewis!) must be around to witness this. 1988, you're on notice for this mess!

Starring Dan Aykroyd as Steven Mills, a scientist and widow, sending radio waves into deep space that disrupts a planet and Kim Basinger playing Celeste Martin, an alien, sent to discover the source of the disruption! The film also stars Jon Lovitz, Seth Green and Alyson Hannigan in supporting roles!

Dan Aykroyd recreates his Ray Stantz character from Ghostbusters but here he is called Steven Mills, an eccentric scientist desperate to prove the existence of aliens by sending a beam of lightning into space. Lo and behold, the call is answered by Celeste (Kim Basinger) and the phallic-looking creature she keeps in her handbag who race to Earth to find out who Steven Mills is and generally be a bit silly in a fish-out-of-water way, but not telling him that she is from another galaxy because that would make things a bit difficult.

Realizing the signal came from Earth and seeing it as an act of aggression, the planet's council send out a female agent called Celeste (along with her commander - an alien creature known as 'Bag' who hides in a designer purse Celeste carries) to find out what happened and if the transmission could be reversed before their home-world is

Bag later uses her abilities to get Steven his job back, so he can continue work on finding out what happened on the night the signal was sent - although Celeste's constant difficulties in adapting to life on Earth keep Jessie's attention. Eventually realizing that her stepmother is an alien, Jessie is confronted by Celeste and Bag - with Celeste explaining about what happened on her planet and why she is on Earth, although she is thrown into turmoil as she realizes that she has developed feelings for both Steven and Jessie. After saving Jessie from been hit by a car, Steven (who is present) realizes she is an alien. Confronting her later, Celeste tells Steven about her race and her mission on Earth, with Steven admitting he still loves her but doesn't know how to replicate the signal that may save her world. As they share a tender moment (with Steven commenting on 'been married to his work' after spending his whole life trying to

prove there is life on other worlds and then indeed marrying an alien), he realizes what caused the power surge after Celeste gets a static shock from the metal snaps on his shirt. When she tells this to Bag, she learns to her horror about the council's secret instructions for Bag to destroy Earth - 8 minutes after the signal is repeated. Leaving bag at home to try and avoid this, Celeste goes with Steve and Jessie to the facility. However, Bag rings Ron - pretending to be Celeste by mimicking her voice - and tells him to meet her at the facility after collecting her purse.

To help her with her mission on Earth, Celeste is aided by her commander - a one-eyed female alien creature known as 'Bag' - who hides in a designer purse which Celeste carries around with her. Bag's main abilities include been able to create any object almost instantly - such as designer dresses, ID cards, diamonds, etc. as well as providing information on different concepts, such as kissing. The purse also acts as an amplifier for Celeste's abilities, such as when she uses it to save Jessie from been hit by a car by changing her body's density - causing Jessie to just 'pass through' the vehicle without harm. In a negative attribute, Bag is capable of destroying an entire planet and tries to do this to Earth after a way is found to save Celeste's home-world, but is killed before she can complete this task. Without Bag, however, Celeste still has powers of her own - such as Telekinesis, been able to move at incredible speed and being able to learn what a book is about by opening it and putting her wrist in it to gather information.

When the beautiful alien Celeste is sent on a mission to Earth to collect scientific data from the widowed father Dr. Steve Mills, things take an unexpected turn when she becomes drawn to her new life...Read more and starts questioning her motives.

When the beautiful alien Celeste is sent on a mission to Earth to collect scientific data from the widowed father Dr. Steve Mills, things take an unexpected turn when she becomes...Read more drawn to her new life and starts questioning her motives.

Steven Mills (Dan Aykroyd) is searching for alien intelligence with his brother Ron Mills (Jon Lovitz). He has his adoring 13 year old daughter Jessie (Alyson Hannigan). He sends out a signal to another galaxy which gets him fired. It also attracts sexy alien Celeste Martin (Kim Basinger) sent to investigate the source of the signal.Basinger is trying to be wacky. It doesn't always work and Aykroyd's straight man isn't great either. Some of it is funny but a lot of this is awkwardly not funny. Something occurs to me at the start of the third act. This should have been a kids movie with Alyson Hannigan as the lead. She's paired up with Seth Green, pre-Buffy. They would investigate her suspicious new stepmother. That's the better movie. 041b061a72


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