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Luke Bell
Luke Bell

Welcome To The Sticks (2008)

Choosing to go it alone and not allow his wife suffer, he agrees to return home every fortnight to stock up on culture and heat before heading back north. It's only when he arrives and is welcomed by his co-workers and residents that he realises that the myths about the north of France are untrue, and what lies beneath its gruff exterior is a warm heart.

Welcome to the Sticks (2008)

The impressive rise and sudden fall of the Greek, Irish and Spanish economies after they joined the EuroZone is often framed as a story of profligate governments and lazy citizens who spent too much and ended up deep in debt. The international community - notably the European Union (E.U.) - has been portrayed as a misguided group of bureaucrats who gave these foolish people billions to save them from their own recklessness and overspending. But there's more to the story. There are lessons for everyone in understanding what happened in places like Spain and Ireland, for example, which have become the quintessential "canaries in the mineshaft" -- countries that did everything right, according the economic "experts," and yet still ended up flat on their backs. Greece too, to some extent, followed the economic policies dictated by conventional wisdom. Now it turns out that the experts were wrong, their metrics and measuring sticks often were measuring the wrong things, and when an unforeseen $8 trillion housing bubble in the United States collapsed, it spread around the world like a tsunami.There has been much debate among economists on how the creation of the euro without supportive infrastructure like a banking union caused this crisis in Europe. This report will add to that discussion by analyzing the role of six specific banks that joined this roller coaster ride by helping to finance and promote the boom, only to be engulfed by it when the property bubble burst, first in the U.S. and then across the Atlantic. 041b061a72


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