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All Cops Are Bastards !!BETTER!!

Following a 2020 Black Lives Matter protest in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, 15 protesters were charged with assisting a criminal street gang for using the phrase "all cops are bastards" while wearing black clothes and carrying umbrellas. The police officers who arrested them said the protesters were members of "a group known as ACAB All Cops Are Bastards."[25] Criminal charges against the protestors were dropped and a probe characterized the case as "deeply flawed", "insubstantial", and lacking credible evidence in support of the claim that "ACAB" is a gang.[26]

All Cops Are Bastards

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Unlike many other professions, the work of cops prohibits their finding any common ground with us in the performance of their duties that could lead them out of their evil passions. Thanks to the Yellow Vests movement, many of the folks who entered it with well worked out nationalist or conspiracy ideologies, etc., by dint of good encounters, have given them up. Nothing like this is possible with the cops. To our knowledge, the only representative of the forces of order whom we have seen siding with the Yellow Vests and fighting alongside them was a cop who no longer has a future in this profession. To the angry police officers who assaulted the anti-labor law demonstrators in 2016, we had nothing but this to say: don't be bastards anymore.

Instead of ACAB, we need to De-militarize police, draw them from the local communities they protect, and provide better resources instead of simply police (ie if someone calls 911 on a homeless issue, perhaps social workers and not cops should go).

Through Sean Suiter and a few other characters, the miniseries suggests that there are still some cops out there attempting to help the communities they police rather than exploiting them to make money out of a system that benefits from more arrests, no matter how ginned-up. But even those stories are laced with despair: Both Sean and Nicole see that the predatory behavior of cops like Jenkins and Hersl have made it all but impossible to find helpful witnesses, let alone 12 jurors who are inclined to believe anything a member of the BPD says.

The movement does not mean that cops cannot be good people, but however good a cop may be does not account for the fact that they belong to a system which has historically targeted minorities, particularly people of color.

A clan of sympathetic riot cops with cool personalities, funny antics, and good deeds done are supplied with plenty of justification for acting unhinged. They do bad things that just need to get done, including a white guy punching his black ex-wife in the face... because who hasn't lost a custody battle and wanted to live out that fantasy vicariously?

So you will see from reading this that responding to ACAB with 'not all cops are bad people' doesn't actually make sense. Everyone knows that, and that's not the point. All Cops Are Bastards, All Cops Are Bounded.

On September 20th, 2022, TikToker[1] @iamwandawakanda posted a video saying "All cops are bastards" to various media depictions of police officers, and slowly faltering as they reacted to their favorites, including Law And Order: SVU, and Brooklyn Nine Nine. The post gathered over 1.7 million plays and 390,000 likes in nearly three weeks (seen below). Their video also became the TikTok sound that later iterations of the trend utilized.

On September 23rd, TikToker[2] @nurdrocks posted a video participating in the trend and rating his favorite children's media depictions of police, including Power Rangers SPD and the Green Lantern. The video gathered over 700,000 plays and 100,000 likes in nearly three weeks (seen below, left). On October 1st, TikToker[3] @whittymoon participated in the trend as well, this time rating anime cops and gathering over 300,000 plays and 40,000 likes in over a week (seen below, right).

? I asked on Twitter over the weekend: why aren't there more calls to confront the police officers in our lives? Defunding the police to some extent might help, but it won't fix the issue of cops allowing other cops to break the law with no consequences. So how do we change police culture to crack down harder on internal corruption? 041b061a72


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