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Jameson Price

Tyketto Live From Milan 2017

The lineup comprised of founding members vocalist Danny Vaughn and drummer Michael Clayton Arbeeny, along with guitar wizard Chris Green, bassist Chris Childs (THUNDER) and ex-TEN keyboardist Ged Rylands, TYKETTO co-headlined day one of Frontiers Rock Festival IV and blew the roof off with their performance of the classic "Don't Come Easy" album from back to front (yes, back to front, not front to back)! Cameras were there to capture every riveting moment and now, with great pleasure, Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to release this special performance on CD/DVD and Blu-ray! Michael Arbeeny says: "If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. 'Live From Milan 2017' not only brings the songs of 'Don't Come Easy' to life, but also shows the passion and excitement the band takes onstage at every performance. 'Live From Milan' is simply five brothers enjoying the hell out of what they do.... with a few thousand friends stopping by to join the party."

Tyketto Live from Milan 2017

The following year, Vaughn left the band to look after his wife, who had developed cancer, and was replaced by former Tall Stories vocalist Steve Augeri. (Augeri later became lead vocalist for Journey.) This line-up released Shine (which was a departure from their classic sound) in 1995, again on CMC / Music for Nations. However, dwindling audiences and the changing landscape of the rock industry saw the band split up in 1996, releasing the live album Take Out & Served Up Live as a swan song, having never really broken through. The various band members went on to other projects: most notably Vaughn, Clayton, and Scott who reunited in Vaughn. Vaughn would eventually start releasing material under his own name in 2007.

2014 brought with it the 25th anniversary of the band forming and major touring plans and bookings followed, along with the release of the band's first DVD entitled Documentally Yours. The first half of the year saw a UK tour, built around the Hard Rock Hell AOR Festival; all of which were used as live prep for the booking on the Monsters of Rock Cruise which sailed from Miami in late March. The two shows on the cruise would serve as a springboard for several other high-profile bookings. The latter half of 2014 saw a twelve date, five country tour around Europe.

Il 20 aprile 2012 viene dato alle stampe il nuovo album in studio Dig in Deep, pubblicato sotto etichetta Frontiers Records. Questo lavoro sancisce il ritorno della formazione originale dei Tyketto. Dopo nuovi cambi di formazione, che vedono l'ingresso nella band del chitarrista Chris Green e del bassista Chris Childs, il 4 ottobre 2016 esce il quinto album Reach, sempre per Frontiers. Nel 2017 il gruppo registra il disco dal vivo Live from Milan, in cui esegue per intero l'album di debutto Don't Come Easy.[10] Nel 2019 esce invece Strength in Numbers Live per celebrare il 25º anniversario del secondo album Strength in Numbers.[11] Parallelamente entra in formazione il bassista Greg Smith, noto per aver suonato con Wendy O. Williams, Alice Cooper, Joe Lynn Turner e Ted Nugent. 041b061a72


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