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[S2E1] Welcome Back Big Time NEW!

And now that Mark is back, he is also singularly focused on Ronald. And while Cassie and Mark are fabulous together, would it kill the writers to have everyone working on something together at the same time?

[S2E1] Welcome Back Big Time

Laurent: Welcome back to Humans of Microsoft. This is a segment where we talk to people just like you and me, but they all happen to work for Microsoft and today I have a guest who is not really just like you and me because it's a, it's an actual rock star and I'm so happy to welcome my good friend Abel Wang to the show. Hello Abel, how are you?

Abel: That's another great question. I think I need to go all the way back in time to, this was my third year out of college. I somehow fooled Chase Bank into thinking that I was actually like a software architect of some sort, and at that time, this was during the dotcom boom. So everybody was getting jobs, but I was, we were trying to get bank information except they stored all their bank information on mainframes, right? So in order to have web servers that could serve a webpage that would pull that live information from the mainframe. Well, that was really tough. They didn't have a way to do that, so if you remember back, I guess this would be the early 90s, or mid 90s there, there really was very few ways that you could remote and do things right, so I ended up having to write a bridge using CORBA. That would talk to both the mainframe and to, like, the web servers to pull data from the main frames. And it's still being used by Chase today. So it was one of my first big projects and one of the funnest things I've done. 041b061a72


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