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If you think Chinese noodles are just thin, long strips of dough, think again. In Taiyuan alone, you'll find a remarkable variety of sizes and shapes. There are short and tapered ones that look like little chilis, flat and wide ribbons, slivers with ragged edges, thin square pieces, as well as ones shaped like cat ears.

The geography, climate and soil that are well suited to growing the wheat for these noodles also produce other grains used in brewing Shanxi's famous vinegar. The smoky and sweet dark-brown liquid, known as "mature vinegar" or laochen cu, is considered by many to be the best in China.

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All good writing shares certain characteristics: structure, organization and development, technical control, insight into the material being discussed, and effective style. Many writing courses, particularly Freshman English, concentrate on these elements as the essential tools for putting together a clear piece of writing. Teachers also try to help students develop insight and style; but since these elements have much to do with individual talents, teachers can provide only guidelines and techniques. After a certain point, all of us are on our own. In these areas, only practice and time to mature will improve our skills.

l7. Every paper must have a title. It need not be elegant or flashy, but "Assignment Number l" or "Term Paper" will not do. It should also bear some relationship to the purpose of the paper; "Democratic Party Opposition to Franklin D. Roosevelt's Third Term Campaign" may not be sexy, but it does inform the reader about what is to follow.

2l. Be aware of the biases in the sources you use in research, including secondary sources. Polemical or self-interested works, but not those alone, are suspicious sources for "hard" data, or as bases for "objective" conclusions. Should one, for instance, rely confidently upon Richard Nixon's memoirs for documentation of the "truth" about Watergate? Can a scholar who cites only English-language sources present a full picture of life among German-American immigrants? Evaluate the quality and content of your data, and use them appropriately. Not everything in print (in fact, very little) should be regarded as "revealed truth." 041b061a72


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