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[S1E12] We Are Grounders - Part 1

The penultimate episode of the season is We Are Grounders part 1. Clarke and Finn face a new enemy, Murphy (Richard Harmon) seeks his revenge, and those remaining on board the Ark try to come to terms with the inevitable.

[S1E12] We Are Grounders - Part 1

Sadly, the fact that the grounders are unwilling to go back for their leader is bad news for Indra and Gaia. When Bellamy and Octavia do make a run for it, they discover the two huddled behind rocks. Gaia appears to be fatally wounded, and Indra refuses to leave her daughter. The group decides to wait for Wonkru to return for them, a decision that soon proves itself futile.

Cage Wallace (Johnny Whitworth) showed some sympathy and wanted to let Keenan (Emily Haine) back inside, but Dr. Tsing (Rekha Sharma) insisted on leaving her to die as part of her experiment. Science!

Finn and Clarke wake up and watch Raven's pod, believed to be a shooting star, plummet to the surface of Earth. He and Clarke return to camp by morning. Immediately, they realize Bellamy is gone and they head toward the pod wreck. Bellamy gets there first, but Finn is happily reunited with his girlfriend from the Ark, Raven. Clarke is visually upset by this and Finn apologizes. After finding Bellamy in the woods and confronting him, Bellamy reveals that he threw the radio from the pod into a river and him, Clarke and Raven are angered by his actions. Eventually, Bellamy decides to form a search party for it with Finn being one of the members. After learning that the radio won't work, Finn returns to camp with the search party. He assists the other Delinquents in building a rocket launcher and watches with Raven as the rockets launch into space through the night sky. Clarke's mother, Abby and Wells' father, Thelonius Jaha notice the rockets from the Ark.[6]

It is revealed that Finn was rescued by Lincoln and he later reunites him with Clarke. They escape through the Reaper tunnels in order to escape from a group of grounders chasing after them. While they are running in, they discover a band of reapers, and Lincoln agrees that he will distract them in order for Clarke and Finn to get away. As the reapers chase the Lincoln, Clarke and Finn come across a body of a grounder who has been tortured by the reapers. They also have a encounter with a reaper, which Finn kills by hitting his face with a rock. When the two finally escape, Finn and Clarke take a rest and stop after all they have been through. Finn confesses his love to Clarke, but Clarke says that she isn't ready for something like a relationship. When they return to The Camp, Clarke and Finn are greeted by everyone, but quickly go to aid Raven when they see she had been gunned down by Murphy.[13]

Finn was exiting the camp alongside everyone else as they make their way to the Boat Grounders. However, when Drew dies right in front of everyone, they are forced to retreat. Finn and Octavia say they need to go, but Clarke ultimately decides they need to stay to keep themselves safe. He is then seen helping Raven recover from her wound when she was shot down by Murphy. While Clarke handles Raven, Finn goes after Lincoln who he feels may be able to help them. He asks of Lincoln to give him medicine, which Lincoln is mad at him as he only came to save one life. While at Lincolns cave, Finn discovers his note book, and says he has a plan. While the grounders are marching on the camp, Finn and Lincoln lead a group of reapers to distract the grounders in order to give Raven time to prepare the dropship. When he arrives back, he is seen fighting the grounder Tristan as he tries to make it back to the dropship. Bellamy then joins in to help in, but they are both no match for the grounder. Finn fails to make it into the dropship before the rocket fuel explodes, killing most of the other Grounders and leaving his fate unknown.[14]

Finn, Bellamy, Murphy, Sterling and Monroe are out on a mission to find the remaining 100, as they presume they are with The Grounders. As they continue their mission, they come across a group of grounders who were cast out by their clan. Finn and the rest take one of the grounders with one eye back to a secure area to question him. When the Grounder eventually reveals where their location is, the group argues about what to do with him. As the fight continues however, Finn eventually shoots the grounder in the head, killing him instantly, and says they have to continue their mission.[17]

Finn's group stumbles upon a crash site of many of the ark survivors, finding a trail of dead bodies. As they reach a cliff, they find a girl named Mel. Finn recommends that they leave her, but Sterling is more concerned about saving her. Unfortunately for Sterling, the rope he used to climb down breaks, causing Sterling to fall and kill him on impact. Ultimately Bellamy climbs down to save the girl, with Finn, Murphy, and Monroe. While the group pulls the two up, grounders start shooting at Murphy and Finn, while Monroe draws a gun and begins to shoot. However the group is saved by Octavia who blew the fog horn. With Monroe and Mel in critical condition, Murphy and Finn go after the rest of the 100 while the rest head back to Camp Jaha.[18]

Finn and Murphy are first seen scoping out the grounder camp they were sent to find the 100 at. When they finally sneak into the camp, Finn causes a distraction by burning the food supply. When they are caught, they draw guns on the grounders and put them all in the pen. While Murphy is assigned to guarding the grounders, Finn searches for hours on end finding any trail of the 100. Finn finally finds coats of the 100, and starts to question the grounders. Nyko, a grounder in the village tries to explain to them that the 100 are not at the camp, but struggles to also calm down his own people. Once Nyko explained to Finn who the man with one eye was, Finn and Murphy are about to abandon the camp. This is stopped however when a grounder tries to escape, causing Finn to shoot him down. This causes a riot, with many grounders charging at Finn out of rage. Finn continues to Massacre the many grounders charging at him, causing him to kill/injure at least a dozen of them. He finally stops when Clarke arrives, however when he tries to get close to her, Clarke is frightened by what Finn has done, as well as Bellamy, Octavia and Murphy.[19]

Finn is exiting Alpha station. He goes to join Clarke, Bellamy and eventually Murphy. Finn tries to explain to the others that what he did was necessary. Finn is later seen walking with the others on their mission to Mount Weather. They say they shouldn't have brought him with them, but Bellamy says they need him because he is their best tracker. Eventually the group finds Mount Weather through binoculars, and makes camp. Finn is then seen trying to go after Bellamy and Octavia, shortly after they separate from the group. Raven tries to stop him, but this only frustrates Finn and causes him to run off. Clarke chases after him, and Finn tries to explain to her that everything that happened to the grounders he killed was an accident. During their conversation, the acidic fog returned, causing both of them to run away and back into the hidden bunker. In the bunker, they find Delano's dead body, with Clarke looking in disgust. Though Clarke seems displeased, Finn manages to somewhat redeem himself to Clarke by giving her back her fathers watch. Despite the gift, Clarke stares at Delano's body for a while, and says to Finn that she does not know who he is anymore. Eventually Finn and Clarke return to camp.[20]

Clarke arrives back at Camp Jaha after speaking with the Grounder's commander, who says that they have to give up Finn. This results in riots from Arkers who say Finn should die for costing The Ark 3 months worth of oxygen. Murphy is then seen trying to cheer up Murphy, which only ends up scaring Finn even more. When Abby finally comes to the conclusion that they might have to sacrifice Finn, Bellamy and Clarke help him escape back to the Dropship in order to hide from both the grounders and Ark citizens. On their way to the dropship, Clarke and Finn are ambushed by a grounder. Clarke gets knocked out, but Finn manages to pull a gun on the grounder, however he does not shoot him, only telling him to leave, which the grounder does. When they arrive at the dropship, Finn comes across Raven and Bellamy. Murphy then walks in, and everyone tries to help Clarke. When Clarke wakes up, she tries to comfort Finn and tell him that everything will be okay, but Finn denies it. Soon it was revealed that Raven only wanted Murphy there to turn him over to the grounders, but everyone stops her in her attempt. Finn then divulges a plan to defend the dropship from the grounders, however he tricks everyone and turns himself in. When Clarke finally finds him outside Camp Jaha about to be executed, she tries desperately to convince Lexa to let him go, but Lexa denies her request. Clarke and Finn share a final kiss, and then secretly stabs Finn to prevent him from suffering a painful death from the grounders.[1] 041b061a72


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