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Kai Kelly

[UPD] Snow Plow Simulator SCRIPT | Inf Snow, Au...

Exiting the building, Ronnie Anne sees that the sidewalk has frozen over and become slippery. Bobby, unable to get his footing, ends up sliding down the sidewalk. Further ahead, Becky and his brother Ricky, have finished their "snowman house of horrors", when suddenly, Bobby slips by and ends up plowing through many of the snowmen they built. After crashing into a light pole, Ronnie Anne and Bobby look over to Hi 'n' Buy across the street, and notice a silhouette in the building. They attempt to enter the store, but the doors are locked. Bobby suggests they call Par to get the access code, as he does the store's deliveries, but before they can, Becky and Ricky, angry over the destruction of their snowman house of horrors, initiate a snowball fight with the two. While Bobby distracts the two, Ronnie Anne calls up Par and successfully gets the code. When Ronnie Anne tells Bobby she got it, they quickly run into the store to avoid Becky and Ricky's attack, leaving Bobby's phone behind, and just before Becky and Ricky pummel them with a giant snowman head, which crashes onto the door. Inside the store, Ronnie Anne and Bobby pull Arturo out of the masa, and they (along with a cricket Arturo befriended named Julio) are prepared to leave, but Bobby hears a loud rumbling outside. It turns out to be a snow plow, inadvertently causing a wall of snow to trap them inside. To make matters worse, none of them have a phone to call for help (Ronnie Anne's is dead, Arturo's is dead and damaged from masa, and Bobby's is still outside).

[UPD] Snow Plow Simulator SCRIPT | Inf Snow, Au...



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