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[S1E5] Day Five

Phillips reports to Sergeant Newman, who is surprised that Phillips is still there. Newman says the computer reports Phillips as having checked out five minutes ago. Phillips reaches for his keycard and finds it missing.

[S1E5] Day Five


How far away is Dutton's ranch from Broken Rock Tribal Justice Complex, by the way? However large Dutton's spread is, part of it abuts the reservation because some of his cattle were able to meander onto Broken Rock land. So did Jamie just take a five-minute helicopter ride?

As for Beth, she's continuing her single-minded crusade against Dan Jenkins, sitting in a Yellowstone Club-type bar and talking with her Salt Lake boss, Bob Schwartz (Michael Nouri). He wants her back and working in the office, but she tells him her sabbatical is indefinitely extended and that, besides, there are plenty of companies to gut right here in the Paradise Valley. In a speech that may have the ring of truth to it, she tells Bob, "Look where you are. It's the Mecca of dumb money. I'm half surprised I don't see trust fund babies walking here on I-90, flogging themselves. It's the greatest concentration of wealth in the United States. Not New York, not LA, right here. I could throw a boomerang across the room and hit five billionaires."

In this episode, Lu Ming, a distinguished professor at Antai School of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, explains why Shanghai needs to build the five "new cities" in Jiading, Songjiang, Fengxian, Qingpu and Nanhui.

And when we do that, immediately the temperature drops about five, ten degrees it feels like. It's so much cooler. You can hear birds now. The air almost feels a little bit moist and refreshing. And then you come out from the other side of that park and now you're in a neighborhood. You can still hear some birds that may be fewer. There's dappled shade and sun shooting through the tree canopy.And that feeling you had when you drive off of the busy road under a tree canopy into that microclimate, that ecosystem is providing so many pleasurable benefits to you. And because you're in a Jeep with no doors, you feel it all. It's amazing what a nice little stand of trees can do for our neighborhoods as far as temperature. 041b061a72


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