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[BETTER] Download 215K French Txt

How to use the update files: To get the update and thefeatures listed below, download one of the following three files and unZIPit in your Guide directory. Important: if you run Guide in a languageother than English, you'll also need to download and unZIP one or more ofthe "language" files offered below. Also, it's a good idea to readthrough the list of new features (following the download section) to seewhat you're getting.

Download 215K French txt

Download Zip:

(14 Nov 2001) Download and display of USNO A2.0 data: This is very similar to the function to download anddisplay GSC-2.2 data. As with that function, there is now a toolbarbutton which, when clicked, goes out to a Web server (supplied by theEuropean Southern Observatory, or ESO), and downloads A2.0 data forthat chunk of the sky. When this is accomplished, the screen is refreshedand A2.0 data will appear on-screen.

(4 Nov 2001) Single-click downloading of DSS images: For some time, it's been possible to download DSS images through Guide, to be shown in chart backgrounds.However, I developed a truly klutzy way of doing it (asking for a RealSky, not DSS, image, then setting the drive letter to 1:...not something that occurs to most users intuitively.)

You can now go into "Extras... DSS/RealSky images", and click on"DSS from Internet". Guide will then grab an image from the STScI server, covering the areacurrently shown on the screen. (This is done in the background, so youcan do other things while waiting for the image to be downloaded.)It's essentially analogous to the function described below.

By default, the image can be no larger than 15 arcminutes in a givendimension. If your field of view is greater than this, Guide clips theimage down to that size. An image of that size can be downloaded in aminute or two over a 56K modem. If you wanted to change that size to, say,7 arcminutes, you would edit the file GUIDE.DAT and add thefollowing line:

GSC-2.2 is essentially the successor to GSC-1.0, GSC-1.1 (the versionmost widely used, including in Guides 1.0 to 7.0), GSC-1.2 (a versioncreated at STScI, but never distributed on CD-ROM and hence not in verywidespread use), and GSC-ACT (a recalibrationof GSC-1.1, to be used in Guide 8.0.) GSC-2.2 is based on more modernplates, provides additional photometry and a much deeper limitingmagnitude, and should soon be revised to include proper motions.The Space Telescope Science Institute(STScI), the organization behind all versions of GSC, has set upa way to query GSC-2.2 via Internet; Guide now has a function that willdownload GSC-2.2 data to cover the current field of view, and to showit in two different ways. Click here for detailson GSC-2.2 and how to use it in Guide.

To get both bitmaps, download this file and unZIP it in your Guide directory (about 490KBytes.) Start up Guide, right-click on Mercury, select "Display...Options", and select "Bitmap #1" or "Bitmap #2" to get the two maps.

You can visit that site and download notes for a given constellationor constellations into the Guide directory; when you click for "moreinfo" on an NGC or IC object, Guide will then display notes from thosefiles. (Steve has given me permission to use this data on the Guide 8CDs, but in the meantime, you'll have to download the data.)

However, if you download this file to yourGuide directory (about 163 KBytes), NGC and IC objects will bedrawn using NGC-IC Project data at levels 1-5. Aside from the errorcorrection involved, this has some other benefits:

My thanks go to Mark Showalter, who provided the orbital data I neededto do this. Incidentally, as is describedhere, you can download the C source code used for computing positionsof these objects, as part of the basicastronomical functions library..

(21 December 1999) Fix for problems in importing DSS images via Internet:Shortly after the new ability to importDSS images was posted, I got some reports of problems where imageswere not decompressed, or didn't download at all. Several of theseappeared on the new Guide users mailing list, and these allowed me to diagnose the trouble and fix it. Also, the newversion gives you a "progress report" concerning the amount of datadownloaded.

The only downside to all this is that you must establish anInternet connection before you attempt to download an image. (Previously,Guide would start up a connection if one didn't already exist.)

(21 December 1999) Better geographical names on Earth charts: You can click here to download an improvedlist of city names (about 55 KBytes). It's an "improvement" inseveral ways. Some level of importance (LOI) data has been added, sothat large cities are rarely omitted in favor of small cities. Theoriginal dataset came from the Bureaudes Longitudes in Paris, and about half of the datasetconsisted of small towns in France. These have been eliminated,and the charts look much more reasonable in France now. Also, afew corrections have been made.

(21 December 1999) Czech-language support: Jan Manek has sent in the file to allow Guide to display most menus,dialog boxes, and information in Czech. To do this, you'll need toaccess the current Guide software and downloadthis CZECH_G7.ZIP file (about 21 KBytes) to your Guide directory,and unZIP it. (There is also a link to this file in the grid of languages near the top of the page.)

(21 December 1999) Ability to use all of the A1.0 or A2.0 dataon the hard drive: Guide and Charon have long supported use ofthe A1.0 and A2.0 datasets, by letting you either extract a part of the datafrom the ten or eleven-CD-ROM sets or by storing a downloaded portionon your hard drive. 041b061a72


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